Isnt it finally time to NERF Incursions?

(Mina Sebiestar) #41

Hope they get new AI they need changin all they got so far are nerfs since day one,not including number buffs for low/null.

It is shame to see that low usage in L/N but fact is effort of 10 to 60 ppl fail in comparison to what CCP give to ppl via carier ratting single player style.

Scut sites need a pass all sites should get randomised spawns(or at least pool of npc ship types) either remove assault two gate sites or introduce them in hq and vg class so group start forming to tackle those.

Add real capital sites adjust payments to reflect better scout and additional activities in rest of them that will spike upwards.

(Nyx Viliana) #42

I was an incursion pilot for about 14 months on and off, during that time I was a fleet commander for one of the major high security space communities (Late US & AUTZ). I love incursions, if you get into the right circles you will meet some interesting people.

Now let’s be honest, I think incursions are far too easy. In my 14 odd months, I personally lost my own ship once. The irony was, I was the FC at the time (one of my last fleets before I quit), tired and warped logi out of a True Creations Research Centre while I was still scrammed. It did not end well!

The pilots I lost died for many reasons. Including but not limited to: going AFK, not paying attention, leroying, lying about fit/skills, being drunk/under the influence ( I saw one FC lose 1/4 of his fleet in a TCRC for that one), flying at war, logi or FC error or muting coms.

A special mention to one guy who took his A-Type Vindi to an asteroid belt to get his 10k sp… he ran into some Sansha’s Nation Battleships during the 10k skill points for your first kill of the day event. :laughing:

I think incursion AI should receive a major overhaul. Remove the current influence mechanics, instead make the spawns heavier, make waves more dynamic based on fleet size and constellation activities. The fact that I can remember so much about HQ sites even though I haven’t touched one in almost 10 months is proof that they are too static.

But let’s be honest here, if you know what you’re doing you can make more isk/hr than your average HQ fleet in a carrier, or super in null security space with a hell of a lot less risk. If I was to place a bet, I would suggest that the OP knows this and is either a super/carrier ratter who wants to divert attention away from the fact that in some areas of space they make stupid amounts of isk, or alternatively they just want to rant.

(elitatwo) #43

Or overpowered is trying to recruit to capitals online and increase his own blobb.

(Salvos Rhoska) #44

Reduce HS Incursion payouts, change HS Incursion system aggression mechanics or move them out of HS altogether.

(Manwithdog) #45

Not ungankable , that is completely incorrect , Reduced risk ONLY if you are prepared and know what you are doing and have a disciplined fleet and FC. If not then ships will be lost and tears will be shed.

Now I would agree that it should probs either come to some form of conclusion or be advanced where the incursion runners have to go on the offensive in stain or something.

(Salvos Rhoska) #46

Might as well disable CONCORD in HS Incursion systems.

The system-wide penalties already massively screw any other player trying to operate there.

(Renee Frost) #47

Fact #1 : 93.1% of bounties comes from null sec.

Fact #2 : bounties far surpasses any other faucets.

Maybe it is finally time to try and nerf null sec ratting again.

(Cade Windstalker) #48

There is no graph that I can see in the MER for that. Link and/or further explanation please?
NVM found it. Yup, less than 7% total come from High Sec.

I wasn’t looking to do a full comparison or analysis of faucets, I was just simply and quickly pointing out how little Incursions actually put into the economy compared to the other most well known High Sec ISK faucet.

Also LP and Loot aren’t ISK faucets, they’re actually ISK sinks overall.

Very little actual Incursion Activity happens in Low Sec and what does happen there is fairly intermittent. Plus there’s only generally one fleet at most running in Low while each non-Island High Sec Incursion will generally have multiple fleets averaging well over 100 people running in each Incursion.

I’d estimate Low Sec payouts at less than 5% of total and certainly not 20%.

That was, in fact, my original point if you read my first post in this thread.

(Nana Skalski) #49

I think they should deal with the biggest problems first because the biggest problems when dealt with are the biggest improvements in the system. And I think it should come with enjoyable mechanics.

(Blade Darth) #50

And the biggest problem is… (looks trough notes)… NPC AI and site design being 20 years old

(Salvos Rhoska) #51

NS bounties are a separate topic.

HS Incursions are particularly stupid as they benefit from HS security mechanics even as they disable everyone elses profits in the Incursion system.

I 'member when I was new and for some reason my constellation was constantly subject to Incursion. I was like “wtf, bling ships everywhere farming isk, yet all my profits go to hell”.

(Cade Windstalker) #52

That’s part of the point, it gets people moving around and trying new things and incentivizes finding new mission spots instead of just running the same missions day after day.

(ISD Stall) #53

There is a list of incursion constellations somewhere so you could always setup in an area that won’t see an incursion.

(Salvos Rhoska) #54

Sure, but are the Incursion system penalties really doing anything productive except taking a huge dump on locals?

Its a rare and relatively minor inconvenience, but its sort of like being evicted from your home so a bunch of elites can have a party on your backlawn.

Id favor removing CONCORD from HS Incursion systems, so that locals can readily give the interlopers the finger properly.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #55

Or you can instead look at it as having content. And high value content at that. Delivered straight to your doorstep.

Got an incursion at home. Start running that ■■■■ and make mad bank while it’s there. Or hunt the incursion runners and get super shiny kills.

(Nevyn Auscent) #56

And you know darn well what effect it would actually have, and it would wreck locals days even more if there was no concord.
This isn’t a cry of help for the locals, it’s an even bigger nerf.
The only people who benefit from no concord in HS incursion systems are trolls & pirates.

(Teckos Pech) #57


If there was a problem with runaway inflation, the money supply growing by huge amounts, etc., you might have a point. However the money supply has shrunk in the last 2 months.

If the real economy is growing by X% and the money supply is growing by X% what is the inflation rate?

No, really…can anyone here answer this question?

If you can’t might I suggest the following…STFD, STFU.

(Sera Kor-Azor) #58

‘space socialism’ I like! I mean, the insurance company even gives you a free ship! How many automotive insurance companies would give you a free car?

(Black Pedro) #59

Incursions, for everything else they are, are stale content that is due for a revamp. They currently provide too much reward for the small level of risk in highsec, and have completely been beaten and min/maxed to the point they barely qualify as game play. While CCP has opened the geysers of nullsec ISK in recent years making it hard to argue that Incursions are directly hurting the economy, it is still true that only a few percent of the players of this game are receiving disproportional share of wealth (don’t forget the LP) for running near riskless content.

CCP Affinity hinted she doesn’t think Incursions have to be a permanent thing and with the upcoming supposed “Empire Expansion” I can’t see them sticking around, at least without a massive nerf in payout to make the new content more attractive or a complete revamp. Of course, I said the same thing with the Drifter Incursions and not only did CCP let them languish next to the easier and more lucrative Sansha ones, they then went and removed the new content for some reason so who knows? I do hope though that CCP doesn’t make the same mistake again and if they want their new PvE content to be embraced.

(yellow parasol) #60

What a great example of a biased blanket statement generalizing literally everyone. Your dislike shows.

  • You imply everyone would automagically turn into a victim. Wrong.
  • You imply no one would show up to fight the gankers and pirates. Wrong.
  • You imply that having the kind of content it would bring is, absolutely and without a doubt, bad. Wrong.
  • You imply that the groups who can deal with incursions, whole fleets with logi support, can’t help themselves. Wrong.

Stop victimizing everyone. Thanks.