Isnt it finally time to NERF Incursions?

(Bjorn Tyrson) #81

It’s because they tried to brute force it.

With incursion rats on grid who scram and Web and dish out a considerable amount of dps. All you need to do is pop one or two logi cruisers and it will cause a fail cascade in very short order.

Sure you might not get all of them. But you will get a good number.

Attacking an incursion fleet is not the same as ganking a freighter or a miner. It is a full fleet of very blinged out (and generally high sp) battleships with logi support and boosts.
Treat it like a fleet fight, only with Sansha being a 3rd party.

(yellow parasol) #82

thank you! i’ve been torturing my brain trying to figure out where and when it has been said!

(yellow parasol) #83

Say what you mean, or mean what you say, but don’t put it on others when you fail to express yourself properly. you’re just as hollow and fake as the rest of them. cheers for exposing your inner carebear. hell, you don’t even comprehend what you did. it’s amazing. :slight_smile:

i wrote something about a few systemx at a time, you misread it and blow it up as if i meant every system (clearly visible in context that i wasn’t), i point out the mistake and YOU then just ignore it instead of admitting your mistake! :slight_smile:

it’s really amazing. :slight_smile:

(DeMichael Crimson) #84

What’s amazing is how I didn’t realize sooner just how much of a forum troll you really are. You constantly take statements that oppose your warped viewpoint, twist them around and then portray them out of context while claiming you’re right and everybody else is wrong.

Just like a yappy little forum dog that barks at nothing, you constantly bypass the main point of someone’s statement and then reach for any little fallacy in an attempt to redirect focus onto someone else. It’s people like you that give these forums a bad reputation as a toxic environment.

(Gerald Mardiska) #86

Jaezues This stupid thing,is still going. Lol. No incursion runners are not the problem.

(Anabella Rella) #87

With no proper block/mute function and no way to report trolling I suppose that crap-trolling is a feature of these new forums?

(yellow parasol) #88

You’re right. I feel like you’re talking to me. I’m not helping it anything arguing around, it’s just stuff worth skipping over. I’ll delete it.

(Frostys Virpio) #89

Stupid claim like that shoot your argument down so hard it even stop being funny.

(Kathern Aurilen) #90

In a real world context, Concord should pull back slightly during an incursion because they are peace keeping police not empire space Navy.

But in saying that, Im an alpha and I like in high sec for a reason, the slight bit of security I get from Concord. If Concord was completely removed for incursion, I think there would be wholesale noob and weakling kicking.

I’m a very casual player, don’t have the connections and friends or isk or sp or experience to run incursions or even compete in low or null.

Anything from a warm breeze to a battleship can ruin my whole days work. I can’t fight or even bother a ganker.

I’m an alpha till my ol lady let’s me play more than a 15mins without being fussed for being slighty happy…

(Salvos Rhoska) #91

Its bad business for noobs to stay in Incursion systems anyways.
The system penalties are utterly crippling of already small profits.

Ive heard the argument that it encourages noobs to move elsewhere, but I find that a lame excuse. I mean would anyone think a random roving system penalty separate from Incursions is a good thing?

Sure, a player can stay running content there, but its patently a stupid choice.

Perhaps LS mechanics for the duration of the Incursion instead of full CONCORD removal would help encourage more aggression/annoyance of Incursion fleets.

Afterall, since the Incursion encounters themselves have been honed to a T, isnt it player intervention which would re-introduce some modicum of dynamic content?

(yellow parasol) #92

this kind of explains me why you sound like you couldn’t stand up even against a slight breeze… sorry…

I think there would be wholesale noob and weakling kicking.

of course you’d think that with your attitude, but not everyone around is like your wife, so it’s a rather ridiculous assumption to make.

(Kathern Aurilen) #93

[quote=“yellow_parasol, post:92, topic:19465”] I think there would be wholesale noob and weakling kicking.]

of course you’d think that with your attitude, but not everyone around is like your wife, so it’s a rather ridiculous assumption to make.
Ok, ok. I’m not saying that there would be noob kicking on a “Friday the 13th” or “Hellraiser” scale. Just saying that some noobs will get pushed around without Concord protection.

(yellow parasol) #94

Likely. Still doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, though. For most of EVE’s history, can flipping and blowing up the noob was a way of recruiting them. EVE’s culture has changed dramatically for the worst. vOv

Of course some will quit, but they would have also quit when it had happened later, when they’ve lost even more of their stuff. A noob really doesn’t have that kind of #FirstWorldProblem, though, and the game’s a jungle. You sign up to live in it.

(Temperance Aldard) #95

100% safe? there like one of easiest people to gank, all you need is a few simple small frigs with passive targeters, wait till they align down gate as they start to warp scram there logi, yes you die in your cheap frig but no long on grid will allow rats to kill a few of there ships in seconds,

you might no get on KM but they still loose billions of isk

(Scipio Artelius) #96

Can you link a few zkillboard examples of this happening, or do you just mean in theory it’s possible?

(Buggs LeRoach) #97

it’s been done … but don’t let your own ignorance stop you from posting on the topic … :stuck_out_tongue:

(Scipio Artelius) #98

So show me. I’m just asking for some examples. No need to be an arse.

(niters rocks) #99

If you want to nerf incursions, change it so there is only 1 high sec focus at a time, this will increase competition, so over time reduce the number of people that can fly at any one time, so less isk inflow

ps: carrier ratting in null sec get more stable isk/hour and if you have a super/titan support fleet if anyone comes to get you its just as safe as this 100%, ie few people die apart from Darwin effect

carrier ratting: 60 mill ticks = 180 mill/hour + loot

High sec - depends on community but 120-150 mill/hour average
Incursions: TPPH wall 90-135 mill/hour + LP
Incursions: NRF wall 120-185 mill/hour + LP
Incursions TCRC wall: 160-220 mill/hour + LP

(Gregorius Goldstein) #100

From what I got it is quite easy to mess with HS incursions and kill billions of ISK with a couple of ECM and gank ships. EVE is a sandbox after all, if you dislike a castle just get some likeminded pilots on board and kick it in.

(Temperance Aldard) #101

there wont be many zkills as you dont get on the KM you get killed by concord, but you will have scrammed there logi so they don’t enter the site meaning at least the anchor will die.

ive had this happen to me when i have ran logi before