Isotope harvesting numbers

What is the usual yield of isotopes from ice per hour with a basic fit (just some generalities please).

It depends a lot on which ship you’re using and what ice you are harvesting. This resource may be helpful to you.

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So far I worked out something like 4698per hour entry level?

Math is a little complex for this toon, so can’t easily verify - but it sounds like you were able to calculate it on your own. Don’t forget to factor your reprocessing yield though. Good luck :slight_smile:

No idea about your number, but I do some ice mining every now and then.

Things to keep in mind are:

  • how quick your ship mines ice (throw some fits together in pyfa!)
  • whether you expect to be mining next to a boosting ship or not (can simulate this bonus in pyfa as well)
  • how often you need to hide from hostiles (causes downtime)
  • how often you fill your ore hold (small ore hold on a slow ship means more downtime)
  • the ice type (as mentioned above)
  • the reprocessing skills and reprocessing services you have access to (as mentioned above as well)

Don’t know the numbers and can’t be bothered to calculate it, but I’m sure you can if you want. :wink:

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As usual the most general answer to any mining/indy question is … spreadsheet it :slight_smile:

I haven’t mined ice for a while and haven’t got the figures handy but basically if you are solo then ice gives the best return in hisec especially if you manufacture FBs.

Availability of the ice is a big factor, don’t tie yourself to one ice system. For solo ice extraction I found the best method was to use a fast fit Porpoise as a truck, put a packaged Skiff (or Proc) in the fleet hanger with kit, then tour the ice belts (u’ll have to research ur routes for each ice type).

When u find the ice set-up in a local station with compression, mine away, when the belt is finished compress & pack up, move to the next system/belt. When your Porp is full haul back for reproc.

For solo null ice I used an Endurance, hauled out the comp ice to hisec then fetched with the Porp or Orca.

or since the belts are static, you can just, put a procurer for ice in every system and warp from one station to another in shuttle.

Nice to see I’m not the only one mining ice in an Endurance.
I love that little frigate, ice mining rates are only slightly less than a Procurer but you get so much back for that tiny downside: larger ore hold, frigate align and warp speed, a cloak to hide when hostiles approach and because of the cloak bonus you can do the MWD-cloak trick on it without MWD, which makes it not only a decent ice mining ship, but also a pretty safe ice hauling ship!

But that’s solo mining outside high sec. In a fleet you’d better get a barge or exhumer.

Agreed, Endurance is Awesome, Prospect is a bit meh tho IMO. Endurance in null ice belts with 3x T2 drones can handle rats up to BC size and speed tank the larger ones. I only ever lost one to another player mostly cos it was early morning and I hadn’t procured my caffeine supplies correctly :slight_smile:

Yes you can do it this way. I just found that having a Porp with you meant you can haul your ice back immediately.

Plus Porp makes a pretty good salvage platform for combat sites, I even did some data/relic and drone hunting in it. Now and again when you can’t give eve full attention you can also just use the porp for ice mining or belt mining, the yield is poor but at least your earning something while your attention is split.

If the porp fleet was just a tiny bit bigger so you could fit in a venture as well as a barge/exhumer then I’d do gas as well. I have done porp tours with an Endurance and a Venture but its a tight fit to carry all the kit.

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