[ISS] Intaki Security Summit

Aurora Amandi, you’ll be contacted shortly.


As lead counsel for Ishukone Corporation in the ongoing case* at the Caldari Business Tribunal, I welcome this initiative. I humbly request that the organizers keep my office apprised of their intentions and any information that may aid Ishukone in its efforts to reduce conflict, and promote stability and prosperity on Intaki V.

My best regards,

Majima Umokka

Special Corporate Counsel
Directorate of Arbitration and Adjustment,
Ishukone Corporation

* Ishukone Corporation vs Onikanabo Brigade et al (Maurasi CBT POR-YC121.06.27-0001)


It is no surprise that Ishukone, the Corporation of Traitors, would take the side of filthy Intaki terrorists against their own allies in the Khanid Kingdom. Tibus Heth should have nationalized you scum and sold you off to slavery in Amarr. No matter. Your pathetic “lawfare” will have no effect on my work to desecrate the cultural treasures of the Intaki people. All would-be Fourth Color Adders are encouraged to ignore the bleating of these do-gooders and traitors and get to work destroying the Intaki cultural heritage.

Good evening, pilots;

In the first place, let me apologize for tardiness in addressing the summit. These have been busy days indeed, between our routine counter-Drifter and -Triglavian operations, and recent emergency operations in Semiki and Tanoo.

I’ve consulted with legal, and we are prepared to lend our full support both to the Assembly, Intaki auxiliary organizations, and Ishukone itself in the legal battles to come. Amicus briefs will be filed as appropriate, and we will coordinate with counsels as appropriate for various venues of filing.

Additional material and coordination support will also be offered as needed.


Due to an ongoing internal situation, the UNF is unable to be involved in assisting Intaki, we do however wish our friends in -1SM-, I-RED, and the IPI, and all others involved luck and Fortune’s Favor with the outcome of this Security Summit.


Intaki Security Summit Update

Representatives will be meeting at the Isriki Corporate Venue located within Ishuk-Raata Offices aboard the Astral Refinery. The first round of talks will begin shortly after 21:30 NEST on 07.08.121YC.

re: Representative Amandi from Icarus Conflict Solutions will be permitted entry to the venue upon arrival. The Summit agenda will be forwarded to you for review in the coming hours.


On behalf of Icarus Conflict Solutions, I am delighted to be part of the attending summit and look forward to reading over the agenda prior its beginning. If at all possible, due to prior engagements that I can do little to adjust on such short notice, I would like to request a thirty (30) minute delay so that I may arrive in a timely fashion. Please inform me at the earliest convenience if this is not within reason so that I may prepare liaison in the interim.

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While unforeseen circumstances prompted some last minute changes to the scheduled Summit, the Intaki Liberation Front stepped in to host the first meeting, this evening.

Details of the evening’s discussions will follow at a later date, but I’m pleased to confirm that the delegates successfully addressed a number of topics, including the recent violence committed by Onikanabo Brigade, various legal questions, and the wider topic of system security itself.

Further developments are anticipated, both in Intaki itself, and at the Caldari Business Tribunal, and so a second meeting is being scheduled to discuss other topics not covered this evening, and in the expectation that new information will continue to become available.


Having completed our second meeting with the representatives of the Intaki Security Summit, I’m pleased to confirm that we’re making headway. We’re about half way there.

@Bataav will be releasing agreed upon actions by members of this summit thus far. Our third round is set for this weekend, more will be announced soon.

It has come to my attention that Planetary customs Offices In the System of Intaki have been under sustained attack by outside forces.

Me and mine will work together with the Defenders of Intaki to push back and control these attackers.

Further information can be discussed in private.



It is the official position of Icarus Conflict Solutions to applaud the Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive’s efforts to capture and secure orbital logistics networks in the expectation that the Onikanabo Brigade would utilize the transorbital launch facility to evade judicial measures. We appreciate the continued presence of the Intaki Syndicate Militia and the Intaki Prosperity Initiative, the latter of whom reinforced our lines with their reserve forces. We lament the misfortune that fell on the representative(s) of the Intaki Resilience Advancers, and wish them a swift recovery. Most of all, we denounce those who would offer their support in name only; barely showing face at the continued summit meetings despite continued prompt. None the least of which, Mordu’s Legion, who we suspect - in their utter silence since the attacks began - have breached contract as the current security contractors on the planet. Participation does not beget virtue in these trying times and the lack of commitment will not easily be forgotten as Lai Dai Security forces and the Brigade continue their assault on civilian facilities.

We would like to make it known that such events were foreseen and could have been prevented. As early as the first day of the Security Summit, Icarus has maintained wariness of Lai Dai’s role in the ongoing situation on Intaki Prime. We attempted to convey doubt that Lai Dai’s presence was not merely coincidence and suggested that while we were prepared for confrontation with Onikanabo Brigade forces (as we had secured a loose perimeter around the transorbital launch facility they had occupied), we did not have the manpower, strategic assets, nor funding to enter an engagement with both entities. These resources were not sufficiently provided in time. Consequentially, we were unable to maintain the perimeter at the transorbital launch facility in our re-focus to prevent continued assault on medical facilities and Ida monasteries. As of this afternoon’s engagements, reserve and auxiliary forces, operating in tandem with contractors at the perimeter, have been redirected to forward bases to protect relief stockpiles.

As a reminder to those affected by the ensuing chaos, we offer relief supplies (food, water, biofuels), as we have for the past month. Due to the targeted attacks on medical facilities, we have set in motion plans to provide medical supplies in the coming days and weeks. The first shipments of these supplies will arrive within 36-hours of this announcement. The coordinates to relief stockpiles are on continuous broadcast across the northern region.

To those who find their way to us, pratya yavati.


No-one can criticise Icarus for refocusing it’s efforts in the face of opposition with armoured and air support. The party at fault is the current security franchisee. As agreed on the 8th of this month, Mordu’s Legion should promptly explain and rectify its performance of its contractual obligations to the Assembly.

If the Legion is rendered impotent by a conflict of interests, the Assembly should (as I have said elsewhere) consider alternative sources of support which are not beholden to such a diverse array of corporate paymasters.

Meanwhile, while -1SM- is not equipped for surface operations, we will do what we can to:

  1. continue pursuing diplomatic solutions with local capsuleer groups regarding control of orbital infrastructure;
  2. continue monitoring for further LDPS orbital activity and maintain current communications with Lai Dai aligned capsuleers currently active in the system; and
  3. begin the delivery of items requested by IPI for its Relief Effort.

We’ve made due on our word and have delivered the first shipment of vaccines. By our estimates, given the volume of vaccines shipped, we have provided for 10,500,000 vaccine doses to aid against common ailments. This shipment is intended only as a buffer until large-scale production can kick into effect. In addition, we will be pursuing a reliable supply of Zemnar in the coming days while our forces work to limit the damage caused by Lai Dai and the Onikanabo.


I don’t know if this place is the right place, but I would like to express my interest in Intaki V Crisis.

According to the latest news, the situation is becoming more and more complex. As a former Caldari militia, I can’t decide who to support. But I’m convinced that capsuleer should pay more attention to this conflict. At least Intaki V is as important as NEDFA and taxes.

I have no power to form an army like Paladins, but brought private soldiers. If a person who has a close connection with Intaki and can exert strong leadership, such as Silphy en Diabel, tries to control the situation, I will support that person.

Auxiliary landing ship remodeled from a second-hand industrial ship is poor. Still, it’s better than nothing.

As there are many vague parts in this conflict, capsuleer who is interested in Intaki V may be puzzled. However, if such capsuleer takes action, the situation will be given some direction. I hope that as many pilots as possible express their views.

To close, I admire Intaki Security Summit efforts. o7


Namas Tayam

On behalf of the Intaki Security Summit delegates, I would like to make the following statement regarding the situation on Intaki Prime.

As has been reported in the news, the situation has continued to develop with a number of PMCs now confirmed to have deployed personnel in defence of Intaki interests and in opposition to the Lai Dai / Onikanabo incursion.

Though some of us have deployed our own resources to support the Intaki militia forces, the military situation remains fluid, and so under the circumstances I will focus on the humanitarian efforts that began almost immediately after the violence began.

I can confirm that the Intaki Prime Relief Effort immediately responded to the Onikanabo attacks, focussing first on the needs of the villagers affected, ensuring food, shelter and medical supplies were provided.

I would like to take a moment to thank those who have donated to the Relief Effort, whether they have done so publically here, or privately to us in the Intaki system.

Our volunteers are also helping reunite those who have become separated, and while discussing this, some Summit delegates raised concerns over the wellbeing of Wafneque Erilon, the monk who originally located Idama en Waro almost twelve months ago. Therefore we invite him to come forward and reassure us that he is safe and well in the wake of these attacks.

In addition to attending to the urgent needs of those affected, a team from the Intaki Cultural Centre reached out to local Idama to offer assistance regarding the structural damage suffered by the monasteries. With a history of relevant restoration projects, the specialists from the Cultural Centre are confident that the monasteries can be fully restored within months.

I would also like to thank those who have offered additional support regarding any structural assessments and surveys that may be necessary before the restoration works begin.

While reports of new raids against monasteries and their associated research centres continue to come in, we are trying to assess what, if anything, has been stolen. We are particularly concerned by reports from CONCORD’s monitors confirming the movement of convoys between the occupied areas and the launch facility.

Idic monasteries are extremely modest in comparison with the opulent holy buildings of other faiths. The only material of value, to those uninterested in Intaki’s cultural heritage, that these sites contain is the results of their work on reconciling modern technology with traditional Idic practices. This knowledge represents an intangible element of heritage that is inalienable property of the Intaki people, regardless of Caldari State corporate law.

Thank you.


Commander, the participating organisations are the ones that have expressed an interest in helping on the Intaki side. If there were a problem with NADSC, which I doubt, it would always be better to have them inside the tent pissing out, than outside pissing in. Which side and which direction are you pissing?

That is a bit disgusting analogue, Ms. Vynneve. But knowing CCC - that’s the person who probably will be… excuse me… producing a huge fountain upwards, sprinkling everything both inside and outside. Besides that, NADSC employs a well known traitor, infamous Edward H. Adams. Here in the State we consider the treason to be the worst of crimes and disgrace. Trusting a traitor is not something that a wise man would do.

If you’d like to associate yourself with such dishonorable disgrace like Edwards, that’s your choice, but my estimation in general stays the same: putting them in there will bring only harm to Intaki. You can’t build a house from rotten materials and expect it to be good.

Not that it’s any of your business, Pilot Kim, but Adams - as well as most of the original Summit - has been absent the meetings for some time. Though I have no doubts he supports the cause in spirit, his ‘association’, as you put it, is much looser than you presume to scapegoat him. Be that as it may, his absence does not entitle him to denigration; in fact, he is a more virtuous man merely by presenting himself at all, whereas you did not.

For what weight meritocracy bears in the Caldari State, I was clearly wrong to expect even such a basic understanding of it from you.

Now if you would kindly take your idle threats and pretentious derailment elsewhere…

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You just have to be toxic like that, haven’t you?
" – Please, be careful on your road, don’t step into horse poo!
– Not that it’s any of your business!"

I mean, fine, not my business. Considering your following words, you know, I won’t even tell you “I warned you”. If you step into it (and not even if, but when - because you WILL step into it) I’ll tell you “Well damn deserved!”

Virtuous traitor, that sounds absurd. You know, if you weren’t a little toxic nuisance like you have just shown, I’d tell that simply associating with him would make you a disgusting, unpleasant person. But now?.. you can’t really spoil sewage by tossing some rotten apples into it.

You do you! And… good luck in it, I guess?..
And good luck to those, who will have to tolerate you in the Summit. Though I will really hope they won’t.

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