Issues with Fraps and Hitfilm

I used to edit videos with movie maker for ages, but it isn’t updated anymore, so I decided to switch to Hitfilm, since it supports 4k editing.

The editing of videos work well, the troubles start after I export the finished video:
The clips are automatically speed up and loop over and over again from a different part of the video. I tried different settings to see if the problem gets solved, I also tried to manually set FPS to match the Fraps recording. The original Fraps files do not loop, they just work normal, even in the editing window, the clips run normal. They start looping after I watch the saved file.
as mentioned, the original fraps files work normal, even the preview in hitfilm itself works fine
you notice, the video loops over and over again. I have no plan how to fix it, the problem must occour during exporting the file.

then the 2nd problem I have is when I record videos with Fraps:
Whenever I start recording, I notice a huge FPS drop and a slower response time of the client. Another thing is when I alt tab out of the client, it just freezes completely and needs to be ended with the task manager, this is extremely annoying when multiboxing.

system specs(the things that could be relevant):

CPU: Intel core i7-3820, 3.6 GHz
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7900 series
system: windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
drivers are all up to date, I use a 4k monitor

I would be happy if someone could help me with these problems, I just want to edit videos I used to do with moviemaker and not a completely bugged video.

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