*Toon is in high sec Jita
*Toon is in positive security status 1.6
*Toon is in an NPC corp.
*Toon’s wallet will be 1M isk left when transferred.
*I will pay the transfer fee to CCP.
*Omega Expires on 5 Aug.

It is an ISK cash cow if you know how to play through Exotic Abyss T5 and T6 safely, all skills are highly focused on Gila’s missle and drone which is 6M missle SP, and 5.5M drone SP, 0 gunnery SP.

Caldari Drone Specialization almost learn to V (5 days left)
Caldari Cruiser V
Gallente Cruiser V

Start 23B
B/O 28B

17B isk ready

24B offer,Valid for 24H

Cysss are you ok adding up to 26b BO?

25B offer

Hi Marth would you like adding up to 26b BO for a quick deal?

When can I trade ?

We can trade in 3 hours base on this reply’s timing. Currently working in different time zone.

You can offer 26b then I accept as the process starts from there.

26B offer where do u send isk ?

26b BO accepted.

By CCP rules, the amount of BO price must send to the same character you are buying, so please send ISK to me in game.

I’ll start the transfer in three hours as I mentioned in my earlier reply.

Thank you!

Send Isk… Send to mail… My account

ISK and account name is well received.

Kindly be patient I’ll transfer this toon once I get home.

Thank you Marth.

This toon is under transfer, kindly wait for 10 hours, thanks!

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