Item drop to decloak on a gate (Gate camp mechanic)

Yeah yeah again this theme. And i think this topic will be always and should be always, maybe then CCP will do something with that. Stop crying you can tell me, but i’m not sad, i’m mad because of this, i don’t even care that i lost my ship, i’m mad because it was like THIS.

As support tells you: Dropping items into space is not against the rules in and of itself . If large quantities of items are dropped in space around areas in which capsuleers load into a solar system, then the items may cause lag, which could be considered rule breaking behavior as per section 16 of our Terms of Service

And these may and could for me really similar to: mmm, i don’t know if it’s ok, sometimes we can decide that it’s not and ban some people, maybe.

So i can just spam drones, containers, ships and whatever else in space in 15km radius around the gate and just decloak EVERYONE and just gank them if they don’t have warp time less than 2 seconds.

This mechanic is not a skill, i’m okay if someone can decloak me by his ship, gf, but when you can’t cloak because there is items around and it’s not even items from a fight on this gate.

As proposal (for Low-sec at least) guns on a gate can destroy items around if this items float there for some time.

Also it seems that players use it just for sometimes, maybe not to get too much attention to this. But if it will not be fixed i’ll use it more and more, so novice people will leave the game and other people will raise tickets in support and maybe only then it will be fixed.

Change my mind.

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Make rats ships, that drop nothing and have no bounty, loot the stuff on a gate.

After one minute of >10 items being on gate’s grid, a rat “cleaner” spawns on gate and slowboats to the cans/wrecks to clean them up (it deletes the drone/can on contact). You can kill it, it respawns instantly.
After each passing 30s another one spawns. So at minute 2, you already have 2 and a 3rd spawns
Once there is no more item to be cleaned, the rats stick for 2 min, then slowboat to the gate and disappear.


Diamond rats everywhere, all the time.

this used to be a problem but they fixed it over a decade ago by adding a 3 minute cooldown between jettisoning cans

Or you could just, I don’t know, scout the gate before jumping your expensive ship in?

Drones are still available option

Cloak: Am i joke to you?
I have a cloak to scout and to be safe, it’s not even a beacon to decloak people in system. They are don’t use their ship or drones around their ship to decloak me, if they are i can only clap that they can do that.

You have cloak or warp time to pass the gate camp, so if there is items around gate you can use only warp time less than 2 seconds to be safe and your cargo probably will be really small and also you need to think about tank, because of smartbombs. If someone will find some counter play for insta-warp mechanic it’s gg, you’ll never pass some of the gates (okay you can, if you can, summon a lot of people to break the gate camp).

A lot of people using cloak+mvd trick to be safe, so if items float around a gate you can’t use it and will be killed, you can check UedamaScout but it’s only available for a few dangerous systems, so if someone decided to use it on some not so popular gate, you will be killed because you think that you can use cloak+mvd trick but you can’t.

Any advices for that? Or maybe let’s just fix that problem and will play like it’s supposed to be played, because if cloak doesn’t protect you at all it can be just deleted from a game.

i didn’t say anything about cloak/mwd.
i said SCOUT THE (redacted) GATE.
If you’re scouting the gate and still jump in with your expensive ship, that’s on you.

Personally I think the idea of using debris is so clever that I’m in favor of leaving it in

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No reason to change this. It’s been in the game a long time, not everybody does it or knows about it, still a bit of luck is required and good placement.

well, if even CSM saying that it is ok then it will never be fixed ever even if people will quit a game because of this. I’m deleting this post as useless

Nobody is quitting the game because they get caught on a gate by a decloak can.

Okay, it will be me then) gl) will maybe return when you will be out of CSM

Another week. But the chances of you getting anybody to back this are pretty close to zero. This is a very old mechanic and most players do not have a problem with it.

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At least you can’t say anymore that ‘nobody’ quit because of this.

Closed at request of OP.