Item inventory

I am so tired of this ■■■■ inventory options available in the game. I played so many games and I cant believe how unfriendly this is, no options, and this is for an old game that should have this in order.

Do you like the inventory in the game or are you on purpose not giving a ■■■■ in fixing it?

This is the first thing I reacted to when I started playing Eve and it still frustrate me even now that I am used to the game.

  1. Just 1 inventory - impossible to sort your stuff.
  2. Yes, I can place containers, but items in containers cant be repackage and stack, contract to other, etc. If I just put everything back in to inventory and repackage then even my containers are reset. Its a horrible experience.

Quick fix.

  • Just add more inventory spaces like corporations have (even worse that corporations have better inventory than players - screw the newbie and average joe)
  • Or add a skill that adds up to 5 more inventory spaces when skilled out.

Everyone would love this!

this is a lie… there are loads of options to separate and filter the inventory. it has one of the most robust sorting systems of any game I have played.

containers have their use but as you pointed out are limited. If you want to make the most out of the inventory system I would recommend using the filter system first and then further organizing with containers if needed.

these are literally just pre-installed containers with largely the same restrictions and just a small amount of extra flexibility.


EVE has one of the best/most extensive inventory sorting/filtering systems in the known video game universe. All you need to do is actually use it.


Also, managing a corp’s access rights & roles & stuff is really not a trivial matter. It’s really not for every one, time consuming, etc. Should not be taken as a comparison point.

Go with the inventory as it is, display the contents as a list or list with small icons, sort by Group, and do not ever ctrl-a all your stuff before you go right click + repackage (it has a yellow ! for a reason, after all).

“Invert selection” is awesome, too.

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