Itema hangar and Station Containers

What is the point of only being able to Repackage, Sell or create item Contracts from the root of the Hangar? Isn’t it defeating the purpose of having containers in the first place?

I have a nice hangar hierarchy of containers but I have to move everything from my “to sell” container to the Hangar every time I want to repackage, contract to my corp’s buyback or sell to the market.

At the same time other commands like Reprocess are doable from any container, I don’t remember about ore Compression but I think it is also not allowed.

I’d like to suggest allowing Repackaging, the creation of Contracts and market Selling from containers as it is from the root hangar, it would be a QoL improvement that only concerns hangar organization and has no other balancing impact on the game (except maybe making containers a little more valuable)

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