Iteron V oddity

I use the venerable Iteron V for running small bulks around a system, and noticed something tonight - nothing bad, in fact potentially great. I hope it’s not a bug.

What I’m seeing:

CPU buff
Powergrid buff
Cargo capacity buff

Before tonight I had about 31k m3 capacity and enough grid to run 3 t2 medium shield extenders and a t1, now I have 35k and enough grid to run 4 t2 medium extenders, which got me thinking that this is an allround buff. I’ve not seen anything on this at all, have I missed something? It’s not a skill thing, I’m training Caldari Frigate V right now.


It gets bigger when you transport exotic dancers.


LOL. Yeah, no other explanations.

It was Occator before they come in, then boom!!! Iteron.

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Maybe your skills increased?


Iteron base stats have not changed any time recently.


Anyhow, if the pyfa devs aren’t aware of any changes,
they will not send out an update with those changes,
making it impossible for you to see those changes.

That was fun to write. :blush:

Pyfa gets stats from the eve static data export. Those stats are from the SDE circa Sept. 10, because I keep not updating Pyfa.

The ingame stats today match the Sept. 10 stats.

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Did you sit in the ship both times? Cause your skills are only applied when you sit in the ship.
Maybe a different clone with PG implants or something?

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Aaaahhh, I didn’t know that!
Thank you! :smiley:

Anyway, OP:

Character sheet -> History -> Skills tab.

Whatchu got there?

And the next thing is, when you fit active modules like shield invuls, their bonus only get applied when they are activated in the simulator or outside the station.

That’s … how it works …

… no?


nothing trained for the past two weeks, I’m racking up the free points to get caldari frigate V done and actively training another alt.

No point in talking about this until you link your fit

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