Its an old game is not an excuse for the declining player base

There is WoW private server that runs the WOTLK patch, which over 10 years old, and it has over 12,000 players active every day. Thats an old game that has not recieved updates in god knows how long and it has more players online during peak than EVE online. So saying “Eve online” is an old game thats why people are playing it less is a bad excuse.

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Chess is even older, and milions of people around the world play it! How can that be? What does CCP wrong?

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OP who are you responding to?

This post reeks of garbage.




100% agreed. This is a common excuse for failures and bad decisions. Its the same type of excuse as
“Its just a game”, “I have a job”, “I have a life”
I could go on and on with common and poor excuses for being a bad player or excuses for making eve into a shell of its former glory ten years ago.
“But you can just go to nullsec”
“We do still have PvP and war. Fleet War”
If you want a list of reasons for the declines and some fixes… read my past posts. Im just sick of repeating them atm.
Uriel, he is simply replying to the most common excuse used to justify failure in game when you try to get others to recognize issues. Most wont even recognize the problems. They simply say… the game is old or any other random excuse I listed.
Like when I say the game was better ten years ago to a newer player and they say. “Are you sure its not nostalgia?” 100% sure thats a ignorant assumption and denial of facts.
“The player base is getting older”
“Younger players dont have the attention span”
Should I go on and on? Or do we face the facts?

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“…playing the game for 30 minutes after returning after 10 or 20 years…”

So was your absence from EvE 10 or 20 years?

–Curious Gadget


Why do you sign your posts as if your name isnt listed first? Is it like roleplay?


–Gadget Sings


Ahh I see what you did there. This is Distaine on a diff account btw. You asked about an absence from the game, I have taken breaks but there’s not been an absence, Ive been at the front lines and played through the changes.

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Ah, Gotcha.

That was for the OP, though, in reference to their first thread today.

–Gadget’s bad

We’ll need a source for that claim, please make sure to include a graph or two, we love graphs.


ohhh. I dont think the OP said that either. I play on WOTLK private servers also. Warcraft had the same issues with failure to recognize that Blizzard was making bad decisions and now theres a massive market for players who hate the current version and refuse to play retail wow. Its the same thing. The company who owns the game drove them out with bad decisions. Not just drove them out, but spits in their face.
Hey OP. I play on Lordaeron!
He means that WOTLK is over ten years old and has more players than EvE on private servers right now.
its proof that being ten years old is a poor excuse for current changes causing players to leave.

Estimated numbers of players who log in in a month: 185k

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He means that WOTLK is over ten years old and has more players than EvE on private servers right now.

This is the poster’s direct quote.
That’s clearly refering to returning to EvE from a hiatus.

–Quoting Gadget

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I always love to read how fanbois trying to defend their God and happines.

Yes my friends, wow constantly has 10k+ players on a private server on version that is a decade old.

It is fun to play it.

No, Eve does not have 10k players but rather 10k+ characters.
I have 3 accounts myself. Probably more then 10 with all accounts I opened and not play anymore because of mining changes.

Eve online is an elitist game.
Best example I can give is Abyss.
I triple Hawk t3 and t4. I died constantly in T1 and t2, I was of thinking that “I” suck, but in fact my char did.

So I bought myself 1500plex and buy some injectors. Guess what- my survivor rate went through the roof.

And that is the problem.
I can pay each month for three accounts.
But I work, so I have money.

A lot of married people cant do that.
But they can pay 10euros per month for fortnite or wot.

And those games are way better then eve.

Eve is surviving on niche players that are keep paying for it.

For now.
We were industrials before, ccp nerfed it.
We went on to warfare, ccp nerfed it.
We had mining fleets and we were buying more accounts to support our mlning needs, until ccp nerfed it.

We tried exploration but guess what happened?
It was so boring and loot was dumbnumingly low.

Now we are in Abyss.
As I see it, my club of people will play as long as we enjoy the loot from abyss.

The moment it is nerfed or whatnot, well- eve is not the only way to spend our precious time.

It was all fine, until CCP started to micromanage the rules of the game in the hopes of steering the player behavior onto a desired outcome, instead of just giving them the tools to solve the problems they had.

That and over the top monetization literally everywhere


This is marketing lies. Why do you think CCP asks us to log in each account to claim 3 days of free omega?
I have 33 accounts and others have even more. They do this to create fake numbers. Dont drink the cool-aid. The fake number pumps started when they wanted to sell the company because the value is based on accounts and then multiplied by the value placed per account giving you the market value.
Players who have trillions in market activity can tell you the real story of activity. ■■■■ man, just look at english recruitment channel. It used to be double what it is now.
Speaking of Blizzard. This is what they said about lower player counts. They said they could quadrupal the amount of dollars each player was spending in game so the fact that they lose 75% of the players meant NOTHING. Really? you agree?
All accounts are free. Even Omega. Anyway, Karak Terrel said it well enough.

You’re not saying anything I don’t know. And it’s all failed to convince me that the game is dying. When I started 11 years ago, I was told it wasn’t going to last two more years. I’ve heard that over and over and over.

Perhaps ‘is an old game’ is not the only reason why fewer people are playing EVE than there are people playing some server of World of Warcraft?

And frankly, does it matter?

Anyway, there’s two comparisons here. First, a comparison between two entirely different games which cater to different markets. Second, a comparison of a playerbase now to a playerbase in the past.

1. Comparing two entirely different games

There are fewer people eating at a certain restaurant in my town than there are people eating worldwide at McDonalds. Does that mean the restaurant in my town has any trouble because of that?

Or could it be that McDonalds has a different target audience and is meant to be more easily accessed and consumed by a larger group of people?

Making any comparison between the two holds little value if the other game or restaurant is doing fine, but with a smaller target audience.

In the case of EVE, it’s a harsh sci-fi full loot PvP universe with complex mechanics, that expects players to put in trial and error instead of telling players which enemy they can take on. This isn’t attracting as wide an audience as a game meant to be consumed by the masses like World of Warcraft is (which is an incredibly fun game too, I may say, having played through the original classic to WotLK).

Comparing the two games is comparing apples to oranges.
It makes no sense.

Just don’t.

2. Comparing the game now to the past, i.e. ‘EVE is dying’

Oh no, EVE has a declining playerbase!

Back when I joined in 2017 the meme that ‘EVE is dying’ was already ancient history, and often repeated.

Back in 2014, Chribba did a forum search and found that the first ‘EVE is dying’ post was made in 2003:

30th of July 2003. In three weeks that’s 20 years ago. EVE has been dying for 20 years, yet it’s still being regularly updated and as fun as it was when I joined the game.

Yes, the playerbase may be declining.

Just like your remaining healthy years are declining. Are you going to waste those on complaints? :stuck_out_tongue:



Please don’t ever refer to that site as if it has any valuable data. I mean, it’s purely based on guesses based on reddit usage.