Rapidly declining players

I sent a mail to the support@eveonline.com and info@ccpgames.com and got redirected to the forums. So… Here I am.

Dear CCP Games,

Please, read this mail thoroughly

I’m sending this email to you because I’m deeply concerned about where Eve is going. The game has been declining since 2008. And this fact hurts me, because the game doesn’t have to decline in players nor quality.

I’ve noticed that Eve has become yet another pay to win, or cash grab game. We, the players do not like that at all, mainly because most the player base just cannot afford Omega

The game doesn’t receive as much updates as it used to, the game simply is becoming boring and expensive, and that is why a lot of players quit.

I love this game, I really do. But I cannot play it anymore I’ve tried over and over but after a week or 4,5 I get bored and leave. And I’m a fourteen-year-old…

If you fail to keep the game exciting and ask for $20, we, the younger generation cannot keep playing your game.

I hope that the people at CCP realize that your player base is aging and rapidly declining. the 40–60-year-olds won’t be able to play your game forever. We kids don’t have $20 to spend each month on a game to progress, we also don’t have the sheer amount of patience it takes to even advance in this game, nor can we really…

There’s so much to talk about, but I should stop now.

I’m looking forward to your answer and we can have a chat if you would like, but please, do not let this game die it’s too beautiful.

Kind regards,



Just out of curiousity, if you are 14 why did you choose to have an avatar that looks 4 times that age?

Oh and I support the reduction in cost back down.

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Thought it looked cool. And good to know that you agree with me.

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I’m glad to hear you still enjoy the game, and yeah 20 dollars is too much.

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Good reason as any eh.

Yeah I went Alpha when the price went up as nothing new was added to justify it.

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You don’t need to spend any money on EvE. The game is literally free to play. You can PLEX your account as an alpha, and very easily if you know how. It is a game. It is a challenge. You are either going to climb the mountain, or you aren’t. If you don’t have the patience, or the attention span, that’s a you problem.

EvE is not about how much money you have.


You are speaking in a personal capacity, I believe. It is therefore confusing to read that you claim to represent me, a ‘player’.

Then do something else, for goodness’ sake. Why put yourself through that drudgery each month, when the alternatives are a couple clicks away, or nothing to do with computers at all?

Again, you cannot speak for the ‘younger generation’. If you can’t afford to play EVE, then desist. I’ve taken breaks from the game when it became necessary, but I’ve never blamed CCP for that.

I agree that some folks are disappointed at the dearth of content, as they see it. But that’s a personal outlook; one which I don’t actually share. There’s enough content for me.

Ah, here’s the clincher. Why didn’t you begin with this sentence?

So, you want a game that you can afford, one which allows you to progress at a pace of your choosing and which caters for the impatient.

Look, I don’t say it won’t happen, eventually, but I think your points are more strongly made when they stick to the personal and avoid the trap of ‘we, the people’, which just sounds pompous.



There really isn’t option to create younger looking character.


Thank you for your feedback! I can see why you may found my email confusing. I’m sorry, English isn’t my main language, I’m still learning on how to become a better writer.

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Free advice: fleet up with other players. Sandbox games are peculiar when first attempted, they demand much in the beginning.

Honestly, I don’t think eve was even designed for teenagers or children. It benefits the community in a way, being childfree but it also takes a toll on the player count.

Thank you for explaining, and for choosing to write in a language not your first!


the princess is right
I’m practically a space hobo
my metagame is to have fun and isk for some ships to blow up and my plex
if i have those things i win
I’ve being winning at the game for a long time IMO


Fleets are fun, and socialising. Really enjoyed being in them. But I was an explorer for .1420 Signal cartel. Mostly exploring the vast universe alone.

How very dare you Im a sprightly 19yo flush with youth


Haha, did they make you map a drifter hole ? Yeah, exploration is almost by definition a solo activity, in the middle of nowhere, unless you run complexes with a few friends.
There’s the socializing factor, true, and there’s the “learning from others”. The game is so big in opportunities and possibilities that it’s the proverbial “not seeing the trees in the forest”.

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Another open letter? :roll_eyes:


Not open :wink: They replied and one of the GM’s even agreed with me on a few points. But they said that they don’t have any power to change anything, nor can they pass this message on for me. I’m on my own to spread it basically.


It was fun and all, until it gets boring, and you are lost in space with only your probes and ship.

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