Rapidly declining players

I don’t think you get the point, I love Eve, I listen to its soundtrack while studying. I watch videos about Eve and I read about Eve. But my imagination of the game doesn’t hold up to the reality. I keep coming back with passion and love for this game, but leave out of exhaustion or boredom.

I don’t know of any competitors of Eve, Eve is special. Do you have recommendations for me? And no, I’m not talking about something like star citizen :smile:

There’s a few activities you can do for almost instant action. But it’s hard to pick the ones you might like, because we don’t know what you’re looking for exactly.
For instance, much of EvE fleet pvp is like going fishing. Nothing happens, sometimes for days. Then there’s a flash fire, stuff blows up all around, hell breaks loose. You have to be where the potential for action is high, or know how to find it.
Unless we know what your idea of fun is, we can’t even try to help you.
One thing will always hold: seize opportunities when they present themselves - whatever they are, if they are within your pilot’s skill set and interest.

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That does sound like fun, I should try that the next time I play eve.

Join a good alliance (best guarantee), or a very decent corp. That will open up the game for you, at least after you find your footing.

This is one of the key problems, is that EVE has the potential to fire up the imagination, the idea of a vast and cool galaxy ripe for the plucking… and then manages to turn into a waiting and patience and boring grind game.

By it’s core design, EVE is always going to struggle to satisfy the “quick action” appetite. It’s a game that’s built around the long plan - your personal road to carving out a niche for yourself in a cruel and unforgiving environment.

One issue is that back when there was little competition in the Space MMO market, more people could see themselves committing to the long haul. Nowadays, with players of all ages being conditioned to 30-second sound bites, 2-sentence tweets and nonstop smartphone fiddling, it’s becoming rarer to find players who can devote the longer gaming sessions and longer commitments of a game like EVE.

And of course, making it the most expensive game most gamers have ever played (counting alts, sub price, time to train, and side purchases like Plex) doesn’t help.

At any rate, it’s possible the EVE you think you love exists only in your imagination. It’s also possible that the EVE you think you love really exists, but takes a little more commitment on your part.

Also, do keep in mind that EVE is made up of many types of players, playing in different ways for different reasons. Any time someone makes a post from the perspective of “we the players want X”, it may well run into trouble from majority of posters (posters not = players) who don’t feel the same.


Signal cartel was just that, but perhaps my interest does not align with the ones of an explorer.

Thanks for your advice.

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Wow, you explained what I couldn’t. That is exactly how I feel! I don’t think I will ever stop loving this game.

I will try playing it in a different way, and think of the long run before making critical decisions.


Until CCP remove ganking the game will continue to die.


Huh. Doubt very much LOL.

No, it wasn’t :smiley:

So you can’t get out of a WH?

Assuming this isn’t a troll post, I’d suggest trying out different playstyles.

Try blapping other players :smiley:

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That’s inappropriate to say, but thanks for giving your opinion.


Do you not know what blapping is or

Shoot them bruv. Shoot them and take their stuff.

You’re playing an open world PvP game :smiley:


Oh look, Gix is creeping. Gross. Not on the forum bro.


Oh? Did you not know what blapping means either?

It means shooting others :smiley:

Glad I was able to educate you on the parlance of the day! I know it can be so hard to keep up with slang as you get older right?

I wonder tho, how this response of yours would be construed as constructive? You did after all admonish others to post constructively didn’t you :smiley:

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Yeah, sure, that’s what you were saying. :face_vomiting:

On the actual topic, players will continue to decline all the time CCP makes decisions like implementing P2W microtransactions and allowing ganking and other forms of griefing.


i know the solution
your ships



It surely was :smiley:

I’m glad you understand what blapping is now. I always enjoy the chance to educate our elders.

Trying out different fits can be fun. I’ve been finally getting around to flying Amarr.


good for you
better late than never :heart:


Still not really a fan haha. I do like the proph tho!

besides that chick screaming the capacitor is empty all the time they are the best

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