Its Arbitus Vexen 's birthday

Overnight in the office, we had water come in and wreck a computer, i look forward at a dreary sleat filled day… Friday is dragging…

However my Very good friend is having a birthday today, Arbitus Vexen (IGN) is a year older, wiser, but still irish. :slight_smile:
We as a community should reach out and hug this eve player in the form of a kind message or 1 isk donation with a message to him :slight_smile: ( I have it on good authority and iskies sent well be doubled)

I love this community, been a part of it since the end of EVE beta, lets reach out and touch Arbi today.

Lets make him feel loved the only way eve trolls in jita could.


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Why? Send me isk ill double it thread heh, cheeky

Im not saying isk, send him a mail, send him a contract with a dancer in it, what ever tickles your inner friday troll.

Its just great when we reach out to others and say… Hey, we see you, happy birthday… oh and here is 1 unit of trit in every station in highsec. (you do this by right clicking on the 1 trit and say deliver to… then ‘arbitus vexen’ … deliver’


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Cool thread, and also Happy Birthday to Arbitus Vexen.

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