Today is my birthday and one guy sent me a eve mail wishing my family die from the coff

today is my birthday :cake:
i live in low but wen I’m selling some ■■■■ i stay one day or two in jita or amarr
this is extremely boring to me so i do station games
i learned to do it few months ago and now i can say I’m kinda good in it
anyway … i killed some guys today in jita
how it works? i pick a yellow loot … become suspect … and kill the guys who shoot me, its a RLS ( real life skills , i commented about in this forum) … its like a dance , you dock, get shot by vindicators and other battleships, sometimes you agro in front of everyone (1500 people in jitas local) , but the objective is to kill and not die , you have 1 minute to de agro and dock before local F u up

well today , in my birthday i was offline and log in to see if i have sold something there was 3 eve mails

as i said in the message ill not report the dude , but he wished my family dead
he also claimed that i was spamming duels ,no, it doesn’t work , to easy , no one accepts ,I’m to good for that…HE SHOT ME

well why I’m posting that?
because this show how some dudes think PVP in eve is personal
he lost a cheap ass ship but in his head I’m SOOO EVIL that he felt in the right to wish my family dead

today i had 4 nice conversations with people that had a lot of fun with the combats
unfortunately it was eve chats and i ddnt save them but i save one eve mail to get the gist

REAL EVE PLAYERS … 5 interactions , all positive , some guys flighted 2 or 3 times…
i dont want the first guy to be banned , im a old guy sticks and stones etc…
but don’t be soft
be like the other guys … have fun in the game… make friends… don’t be a vul$@

its a game , we all have IRL problems
if you can handle a game you probably wond last much IRL

well thats it… luv you guys… EVE is a unique game , if you plan to ruin it , plz quit :heart:


No, you don’t get to hold the moral high ground here. Yes, there are times when players take it personally. And yes, many people even post on this forum with the specific intent of getting such a response.

Just play the way you want. Others will do the same. And if either “side” breaks the EULA in the response, then file a ticket. No need to post here. End of.

ill not play your game

Exactly the correct attitude.

to me report is bad
because i don’t think that idiot have powers to kill my family and i don’t want to take his toy
i wish he becomes a more mature person
btw i think eve should be a adult game
its not suited for kids

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A threat to family is upsetting, whether the threat is “real” or not.

You were obviously upset enough to “report” it here. So use the system, it is what it is there for.


im not upset
im not reporting because no one besides me know the player
ofc i looked at your kill board and to me you are just a mouth making noises
you don’t have any experience in the game and to me your opinion is not valid

People can be pretty crazy. The internet just makes it worse. Sometimes people manage to work through their issues by behaving badly in video games - I always thought that was a good thing.

The best thing about CODE. was interacting with the nut jobs like this guy you found on the Jita undock. You should have invited him to a private convo and offered to sell him an “undock permit.” Comedy gold.

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i think " i hope you family die" is analog to some discussions here at the forum
to me its important to share because i can show to some people that were in the “middle of the road” how aberrant some people behavior can be in regard to pvp

Okay, he’s not trying to weigh in on capital ballance or something. He’s talking about player behavior and how to respond to it. Doesn’t matter if he’s been playing 1 day and can’t find the undock button, or if he’s been here since the beta. His opinion is just as valid as any.



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I don’t pvp.

EDIT: removed comment.

It wasn’t really much of an opinion. He was just telling Tutu to shut up, basically. He didn’t even wish Tutu happy birthday. :-1:

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i read your post
i just think your contribution is invalid to me
i have the right to measure people in the game based on the solo kills
to me you don’t worth that much
but its just my opinion
and opinions don’t worth that much to ,
like you

Fine. I perfectly understand and accept that.

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ok , you disarmed me
ill probably like you in a few weeks
it happened before


And I think that is to completely misunderstand the dynamic of this sandbox game. My complete ethos is to avoid pvp. Solo I’m good (ish) at. Gangs kill me every time.

EDIT: I meant that nicely. Not trying to pick a fight. (I die enough as it is !)


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well …
don’t wish bad things to other players family
its rude


join the amarr militia and ill give you 20+ million to get a ship and start :smiley:

i did it …you don’t look so new but have a destroyer on me

its so late
i though it was a good ways to argue how there is a bad perception on pvp players but it ended in a grudge betwenn me and @Lily_Inkura who appear to be a good person after all
i have nothing more to say and if its not asking to much , moderation plz close this topic :pleading_face:

You are an arrogant prat. Just because someone hasn’t got an impressive killboard (you won’t find one for me either, this is an alt because of people like your emailer) doesn’t mean they’re not allowed to express perfectly valid opinions on social matters - which is what this is.