Today is my birthday and one guy sent me a eve mail wishing my family die from the coff

it was a arrogant comment by design
i guess you reap what you sow, i deserve any bad comments after that …
but i still think that i hope your family die is worst
and there is a tribalism thing between pve and pvp players
it kinda prove my point

Sorry about that, I have a kneejerk reaction to anything that smacks of ‘elitism’.

I agree absolutely, and I think you should have reported him to CCP - every time someone like that gets away with it, it reinforces their belief that they can do whatever they want regardless of its effect on others.

I do both, does that mean I’m doomed to be at war with myself for ever ?? :sob:

im against the report thing
unless is something super serious
never reported anyone
i wish i never posted this topic

yah I’m elitist as ■■■■ :upside_down_face:

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I’d regard “but he wished my family dead” as super serious myself, especially in these days of relatively easy doxing…

You reap what you sow… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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yeah but its like calling the cops to a 5 years old

A 5 year old who grows up to try and kidnap a state governor, perhaps ? These things need nipping in the bud.

dude was crying on the rookie channel
because he lost a cheap ass ship
that he used to SHOT ME

i wish ccp was more up front with the marketing of the game

this guys are clueless

i mean its HS , i can only shot people who shot me first



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lol. I was thinking the same about my reply.

It was indeed a knee jerk reaction on my part. How dare a PvP player (worse, a baiting PvP player) feel upset when a few opponents are rude to them in response.

Think it made more sense in my head than it did when posted.

Happy birthday by the way. And continue to fly un-safe.

Play stupid games.
Get stupid prizes.

Very civil.

Tried FW only very recently. On an alt. Built a blingy ship that had dropped as a BPC.

Got bored avoiding fights. Couldn’t help it, it was just muscle memory of running away. Decided to try LS belt ratting instead to see if I could spawn and then kill a higher-level clone soldier. First belt started with a clone soldier. Sweet. Then the last belt finished with a mordu legion.

It was red. It was an npc. I could kill clone soldiers, so I flew straight at it.

There is a reason i don’t do PvP.

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Happy Birthday, mate! :smiley:

Sincerely enjoy your cake and your presents …
… and ■■■■ off in a happy manner! :smiley:

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No one wants such people around.
Report him and you improve the game for everyone, including yourself.

There is no honour behind not reporting these people.
They deserve having their asses kicked so hard the smell of ■■■■ comes out of their mouths.

That’s because, for him, it is.
It’s literally all he has to be proud of himself.
Yeah, literally. If he had anything else, he wouldn’t react so poorly.
Spreading his name would be a community service.

Btw, local chats are saved automatically unless you turn that off.

Feel hugged and happy birthday!

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No idea what you’re even posting about. You know how the game works. You know that some people get ticked off when you blow up their ships, even if it’s a cheap rookie ship.

Who cares what some angry kid says in an in-game email? EVE is about consequences. If you can’t handle the occasional angry email from some rando on the internet then don’t shoot them.

Clearly, if upset players are something you can’t deal with, you’re in the wrong game. Crying about it in public won’t achieve anything.

On other topics, happy birthday. Try to share some cheer instead of tears. It’s better for you.

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Happy birthday man.

Cheers in cachaça.


The OP can delete the topic, can’t they? I mean, if he wants to. I think that is something the forum allows.

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im not used to it
im used to gf gf
dint realize this things are consequences of casual pvp
first time someone wish my family dead
you talk like its a acceptable thing that happens all the time

btw it was not a rookie ship , i don’t kill rookie ships

if i click in that x all the posts are gone?

i believe in second chances , i was kinda drunk wen i posted this topic and i regretted lol
kid is probably young and will change his ways

were? i have a conversation with a dude that was using a alt in a raven and a frigate that was the contraire of the negativity of the mail
we had a lot o fun

btw i think this topic between the lines show how there is a bad reaction from some players to pvp…
even here in the forum i got some poison because people don’t understand the risk reward involved in “bait” pvp

I have never done it, but yes, I think so.

im afraid the x just delete the first post

Let’s all find out together.

ok lets go

x dont do nothing lol

dont have permission to trash can