Your Year in EVE - Total Bogus Edition

Just got my mail on one out of 5 accounts. Why are these mails sent with the mail address that only sends out the predatory spam and which most people have blocked?

On top of that, the values in the mail are total bogus.

I have not sat in a Sunesis at all this year and spend 16 hours a day in a Loki.
I have killed more value in the last 2 weeks than they list as ISK destroyed.
I have killed more ships than listed here in the last 2 months than listed in the mail.#

What is the point of these wrong, bogus stats? Or are these stats just wrong for me?

And can we please get these stats for the other accounts that do not want to receive ad spam mails from CCP? The same problem happened last year. Have you not learned a thing from this?


I must say I knew I’d travelled a lot around Eve, and its nice to have that confirmed…


Note that what you have killed will not be what is on killboard, but will only be those kills that are listed as yours within Eve. Hence though I have myself been ‘involved’ in 200bn worth of destruction the individual kills are way less…and that’s what they quote.

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How would that work? Final blows and Solo kills can’t be the factors because I have neither a final blow with the Most Expensive value nor a solo kill. FB and Solo also don’t work for Isk destroyed because I only have 1 solo kill that’s 900M on zkill and all my final blows are much more combined. This is very confusing.

I’m going to agree with you, this year’s choices were…bad.

I got two video email announcements, neither email were for my main character.

In fact one video announcement invitation was for a character, I think, I undocked a total of 3 times over the course of the year. That character does nothing but hold isk for me, no trades, no jumps, no “accomplishments” at all.

I had hoped CCP would repeat the holiday videos, as I truly enjoyed them in the past. I even made extra jumps on the character profiled the past three years, as I wished to be in the top percentage for systems visited…alas, that character, who was very busy this year, traveling, marketing, etc…did not merit CCP’s attention.

I was truly disappointed.


I have a PI alt sitting in a Epithal for most of the year that makes 2-3 jumps per trip. That’s the toon they decided highlight.


Nice!, That is just about twice what I did in jumps.
My low count does have to do with using red frog a lot this year I think :smiley:


Mine tells me I’ve killed a total of 8 players this year.

I laughed and closed it, and won’t bother looking at this garbage again.


Here’s my stats. Although I own several Leshaks, I’m pretty sure it’s not even close to being the ship I spent most time in. Easily verifiable through zkillboard. Otherwise, stats seem legit for me. Beyond those simple written stats, yes, I would have preferred a video, like in previous years.

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But why censor out playtime and nemesis? :thinking: Don’t take my question as pressure or anything just curious.

CCPlease, some funnier stats to consider next year:

mining ships killed
number of times reported for bumping
number of times reported for stream sniping
number of times receiving a suspect flag
number of times receiving a criminal flag
number of times concorded
number of ship losses from npc’s
number of losses from pvp
estimated isk loss due to ship loss
total isk from insurance payouts
hours spent cloaked
hours spent in station
number of fleets joined
hours spent in fleets
number of ship spins performed
number of chat lines in local
number of attempted bank robberies
day with the most kills achieved
day with the most losses endured
number of times logged out within 5 minutes of a loss
number of hours of TiDi endured
number of hours watching fountain frank

also, my main didn’t get any email, but that’s okay :stuck_out_tongue:

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When we’re at it:

  • Number of times stealing COSMOS mission items.
  • Amount of ISK gained selling back stolen COSMOS mission items.
  • Number of times (without even being online at the moment) baiting someone to perform a criminal act shooting a container full of PLEX.
  • Number of times successfully selling killrights earned with the above method.
  • Amount of ISK earned selling such killrights.
  • Amount of destroyed ISK value generated as a result of selling such killrights when the target was blown to pieces.
  • Number of times my main being reported to my CEO alt for being a COSMOS mission item thief. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

:smirk: :innocent: :blush:


You Have Forgotten About That Time When You Were On The Wormhole Police Most Wanted List.

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out of 16 Accounts (3 omega) on my Mains e-mail with around 30 Charakters ( 9 with omega) i did get 3 mail… from 3 almost/ never used alts (2 alpha alts 1 omega alt). (97 hours used, 6 hours used and one never used without any stats - besides the community video link)
my main is almost daily logged in and often for a couple of hours each day… and my main alts on my omega accounts a bit less but at least quite often too…

An than i
1: dont get a personal video about my chars…

2: i get the same video everyone gets about the top communitys/corps/player achived last year. - nothing personal and just easy to make and share… with least effort possible…

3: just stupid statistics on chars i never or at least nearly never use… wow…

last time i was so underwhelmed was at the biggest and greatest fanfest ever, with the best content updates and best offers you will have ever seen… right after the biggest fee raise in mmorpg history.
and watching it was ever more a waste of time than mining in hi-sec… in a venture…

would just like to know, will there be a personal video like the last years or did it get cancelled to spare some cents?


I have really enjoyed the videos from previous years highlighting my main toon. But this year nothing. I haven’t even seen this email of a print out of stats yet. HelI I often did extra things just to increase my stats for this years video. And now nothing? Did CCP not know that people really enjoyed the videos? It really helped make the game stand out from other online games for me. Pathetic CCP. Pathetic.


Remember when they had an “offer” to merge our accounts under one emaill, before the CSM vote ?
Maybe this “screwed up” many accounts. I know my main account (on my main email) didn’t received a single CCP email since my other accounts merged with it.


After noticing that last year “Year in Eve” videos grouped up stats for all accounts on each email address. Had genius idea to move all account to same email address, with anticipation to get epic video. Disappointed!

Out of 30 accounts, having 80 characters, received just 2 emails, both for irrelevant alts.

On the other hand, receiving 80 emails at once would be hassle too. I wonder if emails got stopped by email provider anti-spam, or were never sent. Sound like a bad idea to send multiple similar looking emails to same email address


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