I've been unable to play this game for years

I switched to using Macs in 2015 and I haven’t been able to play this game. It always crashes on startup, it did it on my 2015 iMac with a 395x AMD GPU and Core I7 6700k. It did it on my MacBook Air from around the same time, it did it on another two MacBooks I’ve had. I’ve now switched to an M1 MacBook and it crashes on startup with this too.

Why does the game not work on Mac?

Because you’re gaming on a Mac. It’s like entering a NASCAR race in a dump truck. Sure, you can do it. But why?

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There’s supposed to be a native Mac client coming soon, and there are many threads about getting it to run on a Mac.

I bet you could find some folks to help you if you search for those threads and ask for some tips.

I have been playing on a Mac since around 2013. I have had a few issues here, but generally they get worked out by CCP in a timely manner…

Suggestions: Run log lite when you try to start the client. Submit support tickets. Double check the preferences in the Launcher.

On the M1 side - CCP list the M1 as not being supported.

Your comment does not help. The whole Anti-mac gaming group need to mind their own business. I do not understand why your crowd comes to this sub forum, your input does not help the people who need support.

Yeh I dunno why people think it’s funny to say this. Every time I want support for a game, those comments are 90 percent of replies. Well the Steam Deck isn’t a gaming platform either, it’s only 1.6tflop where the Apple M1 GPU is 2.6.

Don’t know if that helps.

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