I've Made my Way

Slogged through all those NPE and tutorial missions and now I’m on my way to what we’ve always put our new players through… the SoE Epic.

My hope is to get into FW someday soon. Starting to remember how much effort, patience and time this game consumes. lol.

Back in my day, blogging was the thing to do. Is this still a thing? Or has the world generally moved on to Twitch and whatever else?

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I’m reading. Please tell me what happens. I’ve done SoE twice, and each time I felt kind of underwhelmed by the experience. I am looking for a FW corporation, myself, right now. I want to do more than FW, but have that option included.

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Sorry for the delay in replying here. I’m continuing what is Chapter 2 of the SoE Epic Arc now and unfortunately my real life is so busy it’s hard to find time for some Eve Online. Having a couple beers and playing some missions now. So far it’s been ridiculously easy.

Haven’t made any progress finding a Minmatar FW corporation yet. There doesnt’ seem to be any with an active recruitment ad in-game yet and that’s a bit troubling. I’ve not considered it more than a passing thought about starting my own corporation in FW but at the very least it’s looking like the NPC FW corporation is in my future. I would consider a Gallente group but I would still prefer to be with my people over on the Minmatar side.

I think I’m reading too deep into this but it sounds like from most accounts that FW is largely a dead part of the game, along with lowsec for most casual and solo playstyles.

I’ve thought about a long and far away backup plan being just joining the hypetrain in null with something like Pandemic Horde or something but I am honestly not that interested. Maybe I’ll fold it up if it doesn’t work out.

The bugs are starting to show too. My inventory window becomes unuseable sometimes. Logging out and back in fixes it but it’s an inconvenience.

The Sisters of Eve arc is not at all challenging. Of course, you could nerf your own ship to make it difficult, but why would you do that? In Eve - especially in PvE - you want to be in a ship that is fast and kills ■■■■ faster!

So yeah. PvE is not great, UNLESS you’re willing to immerse yourself in a pretend situation, and even role play. That’s all well and good, but I don’t know. I never mastered PI or figured out how to manufacture with it. That could be pretty rad.

I’d jump back in as early as tonight but I have to do all this stuff to park my corporation and keep order as I change directions, lol I have a LOT of elite slaves sitting corporate delivery hangars. Literally thousands throughout New Eden!

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You could nerf your own ship to make it easier and diminish the loss or potential lost.
Not to include that Interceptor can have a good warp speed.

Add a Dramiel for warp speed drama and you can do part of it faster.

I personally don’t like the 47m ship hull cost.

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