J Space Constellations

What do J Space Constellations do? Do they regulate spawn of signatures? Like clearing a relic site in one system makes a relic site (may not be the same kind) spawn elsewhere but in the same constellation? The statics of the systems in wormholes supposed to connect to other wormholes don’t seem to prefer the same constellation the same way gates “prefer” to gate within a constellation (notice how many more intaconstellation gates there are in k-space?)

They impact anomoly and signature spawning similarly to k-space. One hole with all of the sigs means a bit less around the other holes in that same constellation.

I believe the wormhole connections are more likely to be connected outside of the constellation to better diversify connections through all of w-space, but that may be superstition.

This is something i have wondered myself , thanks for posting , it will be interesting to see if anyone has any evidence of any significance .

Questions like are diffrent C strengths more prevelant in certain constellations ?

Do certain types of wormhole in certain constellations ’ prefer ’ to connect to other specific constellations?

Are questions that have occurred to me in the past , unfortunately i just dont have the data or way to gather such effectivly to answer them .

Well I mean “connect to random c4” is much more likely to chose one outside the constellation than one in just as a R051’s “connect to random lowsec” in Bherdasopt isn’t likely to connect to Aven so they don’t need to deliberately to be something like “6/7 chance to random J Space of right class otuside constellation, 1/7 to random J Space of right class” to diversify, simply “to random J space of right class” is sufficient to diversify.

So I don’t know if these womrholes have a bias towards or against a intra constllation connections. I do know if it’s completly random, if you don’t pay too much attention to it you’ll probably get the impression there is a bais against them.

Thanks for letting me know that my hunch that they are like K-space for the signatures.

Once , long ago now, I lost myself in a wh. So I decided to try and find me with an alt. About 3 days later I did find the wh I was in. At that time in the game, I did find kinda a pattern of what you could find and get back to the same “local” wh’s.

But that was then. Since the wh numbers change, I haven’t tested the problem again.

I’m curious as well.

It must be a weak pattern though, as otherwise rolling wouldn’t be very effective.

That’s pretty awesome. There are 2,600 WHs, although you know what class it is, so that narrows it considerably.

I once had a situation where the WH I lived in at the time had one static, which opened up to another WH with one static, which opened up back to my home WH. A closed loop. Sadly, we were so excited about it that we ended up crashing one of them in like an hour lol.

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Very weak. But then, that’s all I was doing for the most part, for 2 yrs. So, to me anyway, it seemed like a pattern. Also, I had pattern of systems I would scan. Always the same loop to run of apx 20 systems.

It was enough for me to want to try wh life and I knew which hole I wanted. I “Creatively acquired” it, but that’s another story. :sunglasses:

I had this weird pattern as well with a k space low sec area, every once in awhile when I would scan I would find a wh in a system 4 jumps from my low sec home that always went to the exact same region I was in but quite a few jumps away always used it to fast travel xD.

What about random static links between wormholes of the same constellation?

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