Jackdaw fits

want to know how i should fit one

I’m assuming for PvP?

You wanna go kite fit for sure.

Although I guess you could brawl with rockets but honestly if you wanna win more, kite.

what center is this in and thanks for the tip going to be able to fly one soon and would like to try pvp with it

You posted in PvP heh.

I’ll grab some fits later when near my pyfa but essentially you wanna keep range so usually a MWD/long point and a buffer tank.

Rockets, cap boosted, pithum C-type medium booster, lotsa tackle, AB, damage for days, balls of steel.

I would suggest small missiles and a probe launcher in the highs, shields + prop-mods in the med-slots and something to improve the missiles or your tank, whatever would give your fitting the finishing touch.

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