Jazzmyn Investment Securities accepting new investments

Jazzmyn investment bank always welcoming new investors, posting to prevent thread getting locked.

Jazzmyn investment bank is currently making good profits with invested capital, therefore the bank pays current small investors +2,5% additional interest and our major investor 1% additional interest end of this year.


Jazzmyn investment bank is changing name to Jazzmyn investment securities and new CEO (my own alt) will be appointed. I do this because I want to prevent my 15 year old accounts to be banned/frozen by possible RTM laundry accusations or something like that.

Therefore the new deposits should be made to either to Jazzmyn investment securities corp account or our CEO B3rnie Madoff account. If deposits are made directly to Jazzmyn thats still accepted for next 4 months but I transfer the ISK to correct corp.

To be clear I dont want to be new Bernie Madoff for EVE online. I will clear hes name and this time no one will be scammed.

This is definitely a scam and the advertiser just wants to play out their Bernie Maddof Ponzi scheme fantasy and make the investors look like absolutely fools when they are scammed by a character literally named Bernie Maddof.

Pro tip: run your Ponzi in real life instead. It’s easier because real people are stupid greedy sheep, and you’ll face less consequences in your short stint in prison than the wrath of the scorned eve players you scammed.

Jazzmyn investment securities is currently holding enough liquidity for all of our clients to cash out if they wish to do so next withdrawal date (in the end of the year). However I dont expect many withdrawals happening because of this announcement.

Why is this? I have loaned 55b out of total 60b from Finnish players and Finnish community is quite small, no one would ever loan me ISK and I would be closed out if I scammed them. I have my reputation on the line, you probably dont know me, but I know most of my clients.

I also want to remind you that the bank has been in operation for one year and there has been 0% complaints in this thread from our actual clients.

I like the new name of the bank and this namechange wont be reversed. Also B3rnies suit cost alot and wouldnt like him to dress up for nothing.


Decision has been made with bank leadershipboard, Jazzmyn investment securities 1st investments round will be concluded 3.6.2024 (2024 - Q2) and at his date we will return all the investments to their owners (with interests) unless retracted before.

After 1st investment round is complete, we will assess if we made any profit and profits and god willing we will start new investment fund sometime next autumn.

Up to Q2 2024 we will take in new investors and interests will be paid according to plan.