Jazzmyn Investment Securities loans and interests paid back early

Jazzmyn Invesment bank was established in November 2022 for finns only and later since June 1st 2023 has been open for all investors.

11.11.2023 Jazzmyn investment bank name was changed to Jazzmyn investment securities and all customer funds were transferred to this corp.

I am seeking up to maximum of 100B loans without collateral with 12% interest rate that are paid every quarter. Loaned isk will be used to acquire new bluerints and their copy jobs or market manipulation/investing, any other industrial ventures possible.

If you want to make a deposit to bank send ISK to Jazzmyn, minimum loan amount 100 million, anything below that will be returned to sender.

Interest payment dates 2024;

Q2 → June 3

Your deposit is taken note of if you post in this thread and/or send me evemail about your deposit.

If you deposit in the middle of the quarter your loan interest will be nevertheless calculated from the beginning of the next quarter and 1st possible withdrawal time is next quarter end date.

Withdrawal of the funds is only possible on the next possible interest rate pay day. No withdrawal is possible before forementioned dates. In order to withdraw funds you must send Jazzmyn evemail before interest rate pay date.

All lenders agree their names and lended amounts and next interest rate payment date and interest amount to be published in this thread if they are in TOP 5, ISK being lended to Jazzmyn investment bank.


New deposits should be made to either to “Jazzmyn investment securities” corp account or our CEO alt “B3rnie Madoff” account (pls make sure you spell the name right).


  1. Zimpero Sir 50b ISK, interest paid and capital returned 18.4.2024
  2. Salartarium 5b ISK, interest paid and capital returned 18.4.2024
  3. Wiski 5b ISK, interest paid and capital returned 18.4.2024
  4. xxx
  5. xxx

Total ISK deposited currently to Jazzmyn Investment bank: 0 ISK, at peak deposited amount was 60 billion ISK

Total ISK paid as interest by Jazzmyn investment bank to investors: 27,15 billion ISK


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Nice to see these scams are still going :smiley:


Vouch for this fella, not that it makes a difference on these unholy grounds of eve forum but the wise men know… Old folk know who this is.

Starting with 30b, will deposit tomorrow (6th).

ROFL. The co-sign from the alt that hasn’t posted in 5 years.

I love it :smiley:

Received my first investment of 5b. \o/

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Year 2022 Q4 loan interest paid. Next payment date for our one and only :smiley: customer is 31.3.2023.

Posting to prevent thread getting autolocked after 3 months.

Q1 interests will be paid end of this month. Good time for new investors to get onboard is before Q2 begins. The interest rate will remain at 12% for the forseeable future since our current investment capital is only at 5% of what was originally requested.

12% loan interest paid to our one and only investor :smiley:

Why cant non finnish pilots invest, I am heartache

Starting from June 1st 2023 we are accepting also international investors, so everyone is welcome to invest to Q3. Please mind that if you invest 1st of June or even before that, your investment will be registered, but I only pay your loan interest between June 3rd - September 30. In other words Ideal time to jump in is just before Q3 begins.

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Loan interests for Q2 have been paid today 12.6.2023. Because of the slight delay (planned interest rate payment date was 3rd of June) I added extra 3% interest.

Hows the bank going

Jazzmyn Investment Bank has currently investments in worth 15b without collateral and our liquidity is well over 100% so we would be able to pay back all loans immediately if requested. The bank is paying interest out basicly for no sensible reason other than attracting new customers, so at the moment the bank is making heavy deficit. So far we have paid 1.95b interest to our investors and at the start of Q3 we expect these expenses to rise up to total of 3,75B total so far and 1.8B / every quarter after that. During same time we expect to make 0 profit.

This is mostly because our original intention was to get alot bigger, atleast 50b borrowed capital where we could start bigger projects and make profit, current borrowed equity level is not interesting enough to start anything but we continue accepting investments hoping the situation will change. To continue getting new investments we will keep interest rate for all our investments high as possible (up to requested 100B) at 12% / per 3 months for atleast the duration of current year.

For now, Jazzmyn investment bank continues to offer best interest rate available in EVE online for your capital.


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In the mean time, while not participating in any profit making activities, Jazzmyn Investment Bank sponsored HOLE Control AT team with 50billion ISK to make it possible for them to join current AT. For those investors in doubt, this sponsorship can be verified from executive leader of HOLE control Draacan Ferox or Hotken Asanari. Good luck in AT HOLE!

buWzAnl.png (381Ă—564) (imgur.com)

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You know this is a legit thing when the owner is spamming the link in Jita.

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To be fair, where else would you spam ads for eve businesses…i mean maybe oz tank

End of Q3 and September 30th is closing and Jazzmyn Investment bank is welcoming new investors for Q4, 2023.

Best time to join us for Q4 is before but close as possible to September 30th, in order to get maximum interest for your investment. This is because bank wont pay any interest to new investments before September 30th.

EDIT; I received information HOLE control maybe considering investing 50b to my bank, and I have been in talks with other investors aswell so the 100b maybe fullfilled for Q4, we will see what happens. If HOLE control investment and other investments are realized and we go above requested 100b, I still pay the promised interest for overflow up to twice requested amount = 200B, but no new loans will be accepted after that.

If the bank receives requested 100b or + for Q4 we will pause taking more loans for some time.

Raising my investment to 50 b (+ 40b).

10b (2.5.)
40b (6.9.)

Total 50b

Year 2023 Q3 loan interest paid one day early. Next payment date for our investors is 31.12.2023.

Q4 starts day after tomorrow so if you want to get in, invest before that. Our 100b ask is not yet fullfilled.