JCALB Recruiting Miners/Producers/Ratters

JBCALB inc. (JCALB ) is part of WE FORM BLOB.

We live in Fade and Deklein and offer all the opportunities of living in nullsec including:

Exploration, Ice mining, Anom mining, Moon mining and plenty of NPCs to shoot.

  • Corp buyback at 80% of Jita buy.
  • Weekly corp mining ops
  • Organized mining ops – Multiple boosters available anytime
  • PVP fleets – pre-formed and response fleets
  • Reactions
  • PVE opportunities including T1/T2/T3 manufacturing, capital manufacturing, reactions, PI, ice mining, high value moon mining, and many systems to use for mining/ratting
  • A strong market rivalling that of major blocs and extensive contracts for doctrine/pve ships
  • 1 jump from highsec, 14 jumps from Jita (all highsec)
  • A very fast jump freighter service (typically <24h completion time)
  • Corp/Coalition/Alliance Discord & Mumble

Join JCALB Recruitment
Discord: Discord

We are a small corp looking to grow with the right people. If you have experience or are willing to learn T2/T3 production, wanna mine high value moons, help a corp grow while making your wallets grow and/or just looking for a place to hang out, join us for some fun.

Still looking for some good miners and producers.

We still have a few positions open.

Still open for recruiting.

Still looking for good pilots

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