JETCAN Question

Recently back to the game after a 14 year hiatus, My Omega account jet-cans ore from my Procurer but my Alpha account cannot pick it up in his Venture.

Both were mining the same belt, but my kid needed the second computer, so I was going to load up the Venture and head back to dock, and keep mining with the Procurer. Tried large and small volumes, smaller that the volume he had left, but no luck. The Procurer could pick the ore right back up. They were only 1000m from the jet-can.

Is this an Alpha vs Omega problem, or do I need another ship to pick up ore from a jetcan?



Same fleet?


Be careful, you are violating the EULA, which can you get banned. You are not allowed to login Omega and Alpha account simultaneously. Obscuring it by using different PCs doesn’t make it legal.


Aside from the whole “Omegas and Alphas should not be logged in at the same time” thing…

Check the security allowances on your HUD. (that little green button off to the side of your capacitor gauge)
If two players are NOT in the same corporation or fleet then picking up a jetcan belonging to another player will cause the player picking up stuff to go “suspect”… which means anyone can shoot them.

See also: “Jetcan Baiting”


Thanks all! Never knew alpha/omega logged in on different machines was illegal. Give me a price break on the second accouint or something. Seems silly to me, plenty of games to go play, Ill just figure out another way to do it.


ccp doesn’t give pricebreaks… all these people that multibox several characters at once, all pay the same price as anybody else.

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