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I can’t say that I am an active RP’er; I’m just going off things I can remember since I’m old. But it’s great to see people working together to figure stuff out, especially when it comes to lore in EVE that isn’t explicitly spelled out.


This indeed does look like it would be right up the alley of Project Compass.

Ever since I saw the robust “Ancient Spire University” of Sea of Thieves…where they literally map out the pattern the storm follows, and figured out the timing of the Solar eclipses…

I was hoping EvE had a complex enough background to sustain a similar project.

Shame it seems old and rusted. Let’s dust it off somehow.

This is still the greatest mystery I think exists since there seems to be continuity, but who really designed it to have any?

Go back to the Divining Rod constellation.

I’m reasonably certain that it is NOT a set of Stars that are part of the New Eden Jump-gate system. So it’s part of the Background Skybox.

But…I’m reasonably certain that the constellation morphs as would be expected changing viewing angle over great distances, between Jita and Josameto.

If that’s the case, I wonder what the reason is, if it’s just stars on a skybox…or what the skybox actually is, maybe that’s only for the Astronomical Features, and the star-field is itself a real 3-dimensional thing visible from any point within a 3-dimensional New Eden?

The main reason Arek’Jaalan stopped was the person in charge of it left the company, and no one took over if I’m not mistaken. Nothing saying a player couldn’t dust it off and get it rolling again, though it was aimed at wormhole space.

Though also to be fair it introduced us to trinary data code, interestingly enough.

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Are you saying you’re using a Ternary system or I’m misunderstanding what you’re alluding to?

The best way to test that is to keep it’s position in mind and go system to system seeing if you can keep track of it. You might even be able to get it named after you ala Caroline’s Star!

As for the nebula being larger than should be maybe it can be explained with gravitational lens effect due to dark matter or whatever exotic reason one can come up with. Not necessarily 100% scientifically accurate but stuff in EVE aren’t 100% scientifically accurate either or just some things work differently in the New Eden cluster of space. So not sure if actually a good solution maybe other better explanation would exists, just bringing it up that there can be explanations even if some sort of anomalous ones. :bulb:

Aint nobody wants my ugly mug immortalized in an EVE Constellation :wink:

But, on that note, that is how I would set about figuring out the starfield, but I got wrapped up in a few other more interesting tasks such as approximating the Badminton Nebula’s location on the New Eden map, which lead to the discussion about lightyear problems and New Eden map problems…so got a bit side tracked from the starfield.

While creative, the actual explanation is more easily explained with the distances being much greater than the New Eden Map suggests.

And certainly greater than the Jump Drive suggests.

I think enough evidence has been compiled to throw both out as reliable sources for distances. I’d rather write-off the Jump Drive distances as being warped-space accounting figures that somehow map to general-relative spacetime.

And the New Eden map never has to be to “scale” anyway. It just shows relativistic positions in a convenient format for navigation.

The guy in charge of Arek’Jaalan went into wormhole space at some point, and then later his…I want to say Helios turned up unpiloted somewhere in a wormhole. Capsuleers being what they are shot it on site and among the wreckage was an item pertaining to trinary data, though no one knew what it was for at the time.

Actually, hold on, I found the related article. Have a read here.

There’s more on the whole situation here if you enjoy lore rabbit holes.


I want to also mention the Onirvura constellation mapping shows that New Eden’s map is if anything, flattened, to be more presentable. In actual “observed space” … the constellation Onirvura as viewed from Jita is more tall, and narrower.

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Understandable, always better not to introduce exotic explanations especially if others might work better in general.

On that note will you try to create a real 3D star map with actual precise coordinates based on observations and whatnot to see if things could add up or don’t plan to go that deep into things for now?

Would be interesting to see how New Eden actually looks like with an accurate star map if such is possible to create that is.

Honestly, there should be a way to integrate these things into the game better. For instance, this case there could be a story-mission type NPC you get missions from, and one of them is about this lore and searching for additional clues. And it includes the actual player-created content from previous such episodes.

I’ll pass that idea along. Lore integration for EVE always seems tricky.

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Precisely the first hurdle we have to test. Can we come up with a reasonable approximation of distance from Jita to New Caldari?

It’s Jita Observatory because of where I’m based but we can have observatories wherever :smiley:

But if we can beat that hurdle, then yes, anyone with enough time or tools can create a 3-d map that is accurate to the real size of New Eden (given all its consistencies and inconsistencies as well.)

We may very well discover that different measurement locations = different results, because the starfield and background skybox may not map equally.

Such is common in games to give the illusion of reality, like again Sea of Thieves…you’re about 3 feet tall when walking based on distance measurements, but when you run you’re about 14 feet tall based on the same measurements…

Because to create the illusion of movement in a 3-d game world doesn’t exactly mean it has to actually be like the real world…lol

If you go to Eram you will find the project has a site.
And I believe we have an upwell in system also though not 100% on that.

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First thing that comes to mind seems to be a special kind of NPC scattered in various locations that helps to integrate the lore.

Since EVE is so market-driven the tricky part seems to be the reward system that incentivizes players to do anything at all…

Plus EVE is a persistent world which is what’s good about it, but makes it hard to relive something that happened already.

Unless you introduce something like simulate the past events and send players “back in time” for that event and they have to do something during the event like collect a piece of data…so they can see old battles in real time as if they were there, but they can’t change the outcome of the battle, just have to find some item amidst the chaos like in a dungeon raid.

Theoretically all that’s recorded and could be implemented.

Project Compass?

Arek’Jaalan as a whole. Even has a visitor’s center that gives you information about it. Go check it out!

On that note, I need sleep. Have fun exploring!

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Yeah I definitely gamed too much today. Gonna be feeling like a weirdo for a week.