Jita market stocks depleted and crazy inflation?

I sold My Marauder one year ago… so…
it looks fun I can’t even buy a T1 ship with the money I got
on my Kronos sell… wait…

We need a better scrap reprocessing, more efficient.
T2 Ammo prices also doubled in costs.
I had just started an Industry job…

What you say it’s true, there’s RED DOTS stations that sort of help industry in HS.
Horizontal market is a thing. We are all affected.

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I’m not so sure. It may very well be that reprocessing is one of the things that keeps ship build costs upside down. The low barrier to entry is the largest factor, but it is not the only factor.

It used to be much better but they nerfed it years ago. I doubt they will be changing it back any time soon if ever.

It’s not about the process itself. It’s about Tritanium from scraps was enough for building a ship. Plus other minerals, all obtainable by scrapping. Now with the added core stuff, the “low entry” market has no way to auto-supply and be auto-sufficient. It’s much more complicated than that.

To get better yields could temporarily uplift the ties towards less MR. 45 trillion Blueprint production monopoly… but it’s not a solution. All Tritanium requirements has diminished infacts over all T1 builds…

There was no tax on Tritanium, because evrybody could produce it… it wasn’t impacting costs…

Not true. They have been tampering with the economy through patches as long as I have been playing.

i am not sure what part of what i said wasnt true. it is a fact. CCP added reactions and PI to battleship BPO’s that have transaction taxes on eact action prior to actual ship assembly. that alone increases the cost of making the ship. ( and yes, this is tampering with the economy as they have done for years)

Ha ha, yeah. This is why I eventually just gave up on Eve after 10+ years. I don’t have the economic skills to do much more then grinding away at PVE, and now everything is 4x expensive. For us non-nerds, that means 4x the amount of PVE must be done for the same amount of PVP. And after 10 years I really, REALLY don’t want to PVE it anymore. Well, not for the pittance it pays that is.


Clearly, you know more about economics than you think you do. Everyone makes thousands of economic choices every day.

uhhh, your doing it wrong?

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I know. When I lived in Null, people were multiboxing Rattlesnakes. It just came down on site completion times offsetting the use of multiple characters and then grinding for several hours a day to keep it worthwhile. That was “doing it right”.

If you are good at economics you might be able to hatch some plan like business owners in real life do. I don’t have those skills, that is why I work for an employer. All I have is consumer common sense.

And that same common sense is telling me that I’ve reached somewhat of a personal ceiling, and now have the option to scale horizontally should I still enjoy the PVE activities. Thing is… I don’t.

Literally the only thing I enjoy anymore is solo PVP, and since it’s quite hard to play solo I am obviously not willing to fund it with real money. I can’t imagine I’m the only one that feels this way after several years.

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Yeah, but mine aren’t exactly… smart. I mean… I’m just an average joe working an average job making average decisions. My real life is marked by how slightly below mediocre it is. It wouldn’t be like that if I had above average economic sense. Being able to calculate that 1 x 4 = 4 doesn’t exactly make me a genius :laughing:

Intelligence and wisdom are not the same thing.

Something to consider: Praxeology 101 - Lesson 1 - Introduction - YouTube
And: Economics in One Lesson - Foundation for Economic Education … download the PDF, it’s pretty short.

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Ha ha that is true. Perhaps I can spin it in such a way that instead of not being smart enough to play the economy, I am wise enough to just play the enjoyable early- and mid game of any MMORPG and then quit :rofl: