Jita on demand

Ah and yet The Prophet sees you refuted none of my points.

One wonders why?

This change would wreck our galaxy and economy as we know it. And the simple truth is, you are pushing it because you simply are too afraid to fly around in space.

There are many tools you can use to keep alive. Use them, or leave. The choice is simple.


What is so wrong with paying ISK to save yourself the trouble of getting or delivering stuff to/from jita yourself

What you think im advocating is a free teleport of stuff from station to station

What im actually advocating for is a simple postage system which literlaly every MMO has. You can make the price to send stuff based on M3, Estimated value, and how fast you want it delivered. Its not easy to do without breaking anything. You just gotta get the numbers right. This is something CCP has to do with ships as well when they balance them. It can be done. It is possible :slight_smile:

Ah. The nomenclature reveals what type of person you are. Interesting.

Nothing is wrong with paying ISK. Pay it to other New Edeners, as is already done.

No need for some magical, untouchable force to transport them.

Your reason why you want this is obvious. Any further lies from you is just shameful, and frankly pitiful.

New Eden is not like any other place. Of course you want it to be. Because you aren’t cut out of the universe on this side of the gate.

I suggest you head back to the New Eden gate and pass back through. Find a nice little valley called Stardew. Take up a life there. Farm. Mine. Fall in love.

You don’t belong in New Eden friend.

The reason why is obvious.


New Eden is not like any other place.

No one is going to play a game that insist on not having common sense features and stuff just to make it stand out

You are the one who is destroying the universe if you support that kind of approach

“Lets not have this essential thing that everybody else has, because we want to stand out.”

With that logic its like if you wanted to design a new car, just dont have it have any wheels because then it would just be like every other car

And yet there are 18,000 active New Eden capsuleers in space as we speak.

Creating careers for New Edeners supports our way of life.

Again, your bias and real intent is obvious. You’ve already been caught out.

Save what is left of your dignity friend. Biomass that clone and don’t look back.

Imo those 18,000 players are mostly playing because of network effects. EVE online/CCP used to be a much bigger name and more prominent in the game industry. But its practically nothing compared to others who have overtaken them, because in large part, CCP design philosophy is the one you mimic and i summarized. They like to make cars without wheels to be different. And you could probably fool 18,000 people to drive a car that had no wheels for a while. But yea. The gig will be up sooner or later :slight_smile:

Because having to move items and avoid getting blown up is part and parcel of the game. Being able to have NPCs safely move things for you without any risk, is not and should not be allowed.


Its ok to have features that allow players to reduce risk or increase convenience by spending ISK

I can already imagine the next response how that will just make things easy for the rich. But next time you frown over having to go to Jita for a few modules in order to do what you actually want to do just remember this idea ok.

Are you familiar with the concept of Malcanis’ Law?

Just to summarize,

Be able to send items between most stations by paying x amount of ISK (Literally an ISK sink as well)

Thats the idea.

In order to balance it, you should obviously not be able to do this in Nullsec? It also should be cheap for low value cargo and expensive for high value, and also cheaper for shorter distances and more expensive for longerso that in certain cases players still may choose to freight something themselves or decide to get RFF to do it because they are cheaper for high volume/high value. I can go on. Its is not a bad idea. And it should have been in the game years ago imo.

Are you familiar with the concept of Malcanis’ Law?

I am not. But i probably can be quick with google.

Just read up the law and its cool. Its like when you give stimulus checks to poor people you are just giving it to the rich because the poor people will spend it on something they don’t really need that the rich are selling to them. But what its got to do with the topic :slight_smile:

Let me give you what i freely admit is an edge case, but it should serve to illustrate the point.

Under your system, I could ship a bunch of incredibly valuable Faction BPCs across empire space for very little cost and no risk.

The game values all BPCs at, iirc, ISK0.1. Such things cannot be listed on the market and must be sold via contracts. BPCs take up very little volume.
This includes BPCs for things like Dramiels, Bhaalgorns, Moloks, Loggerheads, Laelaps, Chremoas, Bestlas… see where this is heading?
So under your system, a whole swag of these things can be moved for very little outlay, very quickly and in complete safety.
That’s an example of Malcanis’ Law applied to your concept.

I think thats a good point. But why shouldnt you be able to freight BPCs for little to nothing? Its just a BPC? I dont think the game would be worse off from dialing the stigma of having to transport something down a little, in high sec at least

I mean ive gotten BPCs from escalations. And its terrifying to hold it. I dont see what it adds :slight_smile: I mean can we at least be able to have BPCs transported safely (in high sec) without having to worry about gank. Do you know what i mean?

If this really was a problem you could have escalations in high sec spawn in systems without stations this way people needed to take BPC at least one jump before they are safe. this also creates new chokepoints for gankers so maybe their game will improve a little. i mean camping the same gates every day can get boring? By putting escalations in systems that has no stations means gate campers can now camp these systems and get the many(?) coming out with loot. But thats going out on a tangent. My point is that compromises can be made. I was also thinking to not allow BPC to be sent via the service but that would be a big set back for it and be a thorn in UX imo. So just let it happen, just let players send BPC for almost nothing. It wont break anything imo.

Do you know how much some of the BPCs I listed trade hands for hundreds of billions of ISK.

under your concept, trillions of ISK of value can be moved for pennies.

Sound good to me, and its just BPCs? You can already send trillions of ISK via the wallet “for pennies”

But also the game not being able to estimate the average price of BPC is an error that probably should be fixed

And then this would be fixed too. But if not, its not a big deal imo