Jita Remastered

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All the undocks are facing in the same direction.


News to me, I don’t pay attention. Then what’s the ■■■■■■■ point of “new undocks”?

Still the black screen is ~2x longer than used to be.

It spreads people out enough that nobody can camp all the undocks.

Edit: Well… not as easily as before.


If they are all the same direction I fail to see how you can’t camp. The Station is not THAT big.

nearly everyone else in the game saw the change and decided “oh, guess i’ll just make some new bookmarks”, and here is this kid who’s gotta be a snowflake and whine about it.


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safe undocks are for the weak

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I like Scoots.

I don’t like idiots, though. And since you’re unable to tell that this change is actually an indirect nerf to ganking, well…

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Yeah. That’s been going around. Haha…

Time to re-evaluate your priorities…

–Concerned Gadget

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Err… 18 + 8 = 26 hours…

–Time Travelling Gadget


I’m pretty sure I could find posts where I call you out for spending all day every day on the EVE-O forum and you reply how you have nothing else to do while at work for 18 hours every day.

So, what happened? You finally piss off the people that want to pay you to work instead of play video games?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


No, I simply realized that someone has to pay the taxes that go toward your welfare. If I don’t do it, who else will? The thought of your starving, distended, Canadian belly petrifies me with dread. :worried: