Jita safe dock

CCP, you have working tethering mechanic for citadels and why not add it for jita market hub?

Its not my pain, I know all tricks how to be safe, I can lost my cargo any time with smile. Its wtf mechanic, what give nothing for game. Its killing many newbies, when gankers even need not to collect fleet, one tornado is enough. (tII fitted crane cant tank it). They even not scanning your ship and shooting for a luck. For gankers, its 100% of success, they need only choose the target.

Yes, you can use undock bookmark and mwd+cloack trick on gates. Newbie will study it fast, after first die. But when you docking in jita, you are helpless. Docking from perimeter gate is unsafe each time. From my custom docking bookmark, for ex., I have 2/10 chance to be in 2km from dock range.

Yes, perimeter market hubs is growing, but Jita is main trading station yet. And this station looks like a â– â– â– â– , when you will die or not as wtf lottery. Ask any hauler/trader/industrialist, do they like to visit jita hub? We feel dirty there.

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The last thing we need is things to be more safe.

This change will eliminate the station camper gameplay style. For the record I am no fan of the nado guys. They got my alt once or twice but I learned.

I don’t buy the arguments that noobs ar quitting over this either.

An interesting proposition.

Allow 1 keepstar to be placed in Jita. Just 1.

It would become the new defacto trading hub in Jita on pure virtue of the lower costs. You’d get your tether. And hot damn would it ever be funny to watch that one explode every other week.

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New players have nothing of value that needs to be protected and as soon as they have, they aren’t new players anymore. Protecting people from making mistakes only leads to people needing more protection, because they never learned how to protect themselves.

Stop treating adults like they’re all victims by default.


Wow. How much disingenuous dribble can you put in a single paragraph?

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My safedock / undocks work 100% of the time, make new ones.

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Let me say better: this is not interactions, this is lottery. You may come in 0 or come in 2km range from the same bookmark. 1 sec is enough to lock and shoot you.

As ganker, you dont make a game too. You just sitting to press F1 once. You will 100% kill somebody, only need to choose target.

As hauler, you cant feel, you are hard target, because all your tricks mean only you are harder, than others victims. You cant collect fleet to protect your property as in null sec or in wh. Even on high-sec gates, you have what to do. But when you are docking, you are helpless. You should pray for you luck, gankers will kill somebody except yourself and its not good mechanic, it make you dirty.

P.S. I lost nothing in Jita last two years. But each time, when I visiting this place, I feel sad from game. Don’t tell me, you are safe and its enough, because it make you sheep-like, you feel proud, when butcher killed not you today.

You are wrong.

You’re not a good person. You’re a bad person. You pretend to care for new players, but you want to take away their ability to make mistakes and learning from them. You do not want to allow them to make their own choices, instead you want that to be removed in the name of their protection. You want to take away peoples chances of learnings things for themselves in the name of a safety they do not ask you for. You pretend to care about their safety, but you do not want them to learn how to stay safe.

There is no God. Evolution is a thing. When you deny children the right to learn how to protect themselves, then you deny these future adults to grow into respectable human beings. Instead they will grow into spoiled man childs who will themselves grow even worse spoiled children, who will ask for even more protection.

That is on the spot, exactly, 100% what has been going in this game year after year, nerf after nerf by CCP. Every single time it was you false shepherds, deniers of both free will and self responsibility, who asked for a protection that never lasted until the next generation of your kind came along, asking for even more!

I’ve been around since the end of 2009. You guys always and always kept asking for protection, and eventually I’ve learned that it does not matter how much protection there is. You don’t care about that at all. All you and the others care about is being false shepherds. Think of the children! Protect everyone! Let me be the light that speaks for you! My sheep, follow me, I will protect you!


Now let me tell you something! In actual reality fully unbeknownst to you, you are not being protected. The police only ever punishes, but not prevents. If it could prevent there would be no crime. You have to live in constant fear that someone will mug you, a rock will hit your head, a car causes an accident ripping your body in half, and whatever other things that might happen!

THESE are tragedies!

Here, though, is not real life. You do not seem to be aware of the difference, so I strongly recommend you just find someone professional who will explain it to you!

A new player exploding in a virtual spaceship, barely losing anything, at worst getting podded and re-spawning in a station …

… THAT is a part of the game! The same part that hundreds of thousands of people before went through successfully, showing that they are cut-out for survival in this jungle game we call EVE ONLINE.

The Game !

You lost !

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The chance you can be blown up at any point isn’t part of jita, it’s part of the game. And if jita is so bad, then don’t go there. There are other places to get your wares.

Whilst luck has something to do with it, it’s just part of the equation. You increase your chances of survival with smart practices. It isn’t perfect, but it shouldn’t be. If i could guarantee 100% safe travel by following certain steps it wouldnt be a fun game. It wouldn’t be eve.

Welcome to the meat grinder. On the menu: You!


Your arguments not for me, but for a bad person and I can say the same to him also.
I am 2010 player, I like all hard from eve, hate casual mechanics, like looses and etc-etc.

Its a game about knowledge, hands, experience and information. Not about god (why you told about god?), not about prying for a luck.

Lets discuss, how docking are works. You make a warp and if you not in dock range your ship approaching. On jita, you can have dock bookmark and warp well. Sometimes, it not works, but because nobody will wait on your not popular side, you are safe in principle. But it only mean, others will die instead of you. Because while they die on side from perimeter gate, nobody wait on optimal from your docking bookmark.

My Jita docking bookmark works 100% of the time and has never failed to put me at 0m next to the station. Are you sure you are using the mechanic correctly?

But to the bigger point, vulnerability to other players is not a bug, but a feature. Ships are intended to be exploded by other players. It is the main idea of thus game and what drives so much of its activity. Why would CCP want to take that out? Why does it make you sad that people are playing the game CCP built?

If anything makes me sad these days it is how fewer people I seeing actually playing the game and the lesser number of interesting stories being created and told. I don’t see how making Jita safe space is going to help with that at all, in fact, it would only do the opposite.

So, no, this idea gets a -1.

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That’s why. You brought your false god up indirectly, not me. Keep your religious ■■■■ out of the game. Praying does not help people, it rather gives them the wrong idea that someone is going to protect them, which is an absolutely horrible way to approach anything in life!

People who pray for luck or anything at all always, automatically, by definition, put their lives (or the lives of the people they pray for) into the hands of someone else, even if it’s a non existent imaginary tyrant sitting in space forbidding people to masturbate. That’s the opposite of acting self responsibly!

Several THOUSAND people head to and from jita every single day and don’t explode! You want to prevent those few who are too stupid not to get shot down from getting shot down! How are they supposed to be learning NOT to get shot down like the literally THOUSANDS of others who don’t?

Evolution says: Let them die, they deserve it! And that they do! Let us sort out those who aren’t cut out for it, which helps the whole “gene pool” we have by making sure that those who are too weak either learn or go for somewhere else that fits their weakness.

When there’s some sort of authority (in this case CCP introducing a stupid game mechanic) making sure that people never learn, never have to think for themselves and are always bubble wrapped, then they will not ever learn anything at all.

Instead of asking for protection, you should go out there and teach people not to explode out of their own stupidity! That’s what a good person would do, who actually cares! That’s not you, though.

You are too proud from your big clever mind, like to feel a real elite and strong too much to understand, what I am saying.

You are safe on dock and think, you are pro. I am safe on dock and don’t want to be safe in cost of newbie deaths. And yes, am teaching peoples each time, when I can do it.

Check it please. Are you really docking in less, than 1 sec each time (10 from 10) or you think it is? Or try to lock/kill peoples from custom bookmarks, am tried and it works.


I initiate warp to my bookmark. I then activate the autopilot which is already set to Jita 4-4. Every, single time I land at 0m and immediately dock.

I suggest you make some new bookmarks and watch a few videos on the subject to make sure you aren’t doing something wrong.

So if each time you warp to a gate you have a slight chance to land too far to instantly jump the solution is to minimize the amount of times you have to do it.

Solution: Only bring stuff to Jita once a year, so you only have to go through the risks only once an entire year. :smirk:

(When at it would you kindly let me know when you will transport your yearly effort worth of goods? Just so I can help you if I can when someone attempts to gank you. :wink: )

Thanks, I will try to get 100% correct dock and will check few ships, various size and speed.
Have a strange idea, it can depend from network ping time. Warp is not only warp to a point, its more complex internally for synchronize client and server.

you have 10s of kilometers to work with so that’s irrelevant make your bm further inside dock range

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