Jita station expansion complete discussion - 2020.11.10


Good day fellow capsuleers,

So today, immediately after down-time, we were treated to the completed Jita main station. The new model is obviously larger, it has a lot of commercial and marketing real-estate, several annexes, a larger dock perimeter and a reversed undock exit. The reversed undock exit might be of a particular importance to pilots. There is also a moon city in the nearby moon and one of the annexes even has a space-elevator connecting to the moon-city and has regular sorties to it, which I found to be a nice touch.

I posted a video of the completed model:

So what do you guys and gals think about it?

Adrian Vexier“Stay safe and fly dangerous!”


Disappointed. From half done to build in one day? Why they didn’t time progress better? There was bunch of patches along the way to push visual progression of building.

At the last (?) art team stream they showed way more infrastructure around main station. Most of it is not present. Models might be updated but now station looks even more dead. It’s way to sterile.

I like it. Definitely an improvement over the old model.

Gonna nip in for a look now, gotta say though Ill still miss the old Bargain Barn

I think they left some room for jet can and mobile depot spammers who make penises and words out of those.


It reminds me of Blade Runner.


I think there shoud be a scrapyard near Hek tradehub. With rust harvesters going between station and scrapyard.

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Amarr is next - it should swell up like a fat tick. A golden egg surrounded by slave pens.

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Or two eggs and a biggest ever shining tower above them.


And once a day at a random time a Minmatar dread flies into it and explodes wrecking the tower for the rest of the day. :stuck_out_tongue:

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What’s going on on the moon?
Isn’t that new as well?
Looks like a really big city grid or something.

Decoration. Maybe the InterGalactic Summit guys have a thread about it.

new jota is noice


For the next expansion, the moon is going to swallow the new station.

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Yeah, because CCP totally wants to invest a ton of work into incrementally building the station and commit resources into transitional station models that’ll never be seen by players again after maybe a couple of weeks.

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Yawn, you all won’t notice in a week or two…

Pochven update - go shoot an NPC.
Jita update - go make a new undock bookmark.

I think it looks awesome. :slight_smile:

I think they have missed a bit!.. what about when you dock… the inside has not changed!


Can we walk around in it?
Then why care?