Job duration, skills

I’m looking at job duration part of the industry window. Under job duration it says “skills and implants -32%”. I have no implants and I have my industry and advanced industry trained to lvl 5. Shouldn’t it say -35% than?
Industry lvl 5 -> 5 * 4%= 20%
Advanced industry lvl 5 -> 5 * 3%= 15%
And the sum would be 35% reduction.

Am I missing something? How does it calculate that 32%?

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The bonus are multiplied, not added. So:

Industry V: 20% faster which means it only takes 80% of the base time to built stuff.

Advanced Industry V: 15% faster which means it will take 85% of the base time to build stuff.

Multiplied it’s: 0.8 × 0.85 = 0.68 = 68%.
Therefore with both skills at 5 it takes 68% of the base time which is 32% faster like the ui says.


Thank you very much.

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