Join D3LYRIUM - A NullSec Alliance of Axe Wielding Mead Chugging Man Children

o7 Pilots!

I would like to introduce you to D3LYRIUM (KAKAW), a dynamic new alliance in the EVE universe, carved out of the chaotic abyss that is nullsec space. Our alliance thrives on PvP combat, offering a saga-worthy experience for capsuleers across US and EU timezones. At the heart of it all is a community with few inhibitions where the bonds of brotherhood are forged in the fires of every battle.

Diverse Opportunities: With a stronghold in strategically chosen nullsec systems, we provide an array of activities to fuel your EVE ambitions. From moons rich in valuable minerals for mining to advanced structures facilitating large-scale production, and lucrative systems for ratting, D3LYRIUM is a haven for those who seek wealth alongside warfare.

PvP Excellence: Our core focus is PvP, ranging from small skirmishes to large-scale fleet battles. Whether you’re a tactician dreaming of commanding fleets or a lone wolf hunting in the depths of space, you’ll find your place among us. As daring as we are daft, our experienced FCs lead with prowess, ensuring that both new bros and bitter vets can contribute meaningfully to our collective killboard.

A Fellowship of Brotherhood: Here, we believe in the strength of diverse aggression. Our members range from young guns at 22 to wise warriors at 62, creating a rich tapestry of experiences and perspectives. We’re a social and rowdy bunch, where your voice matters and your story becomes part of our legacy. Our alliance is a melting pot of cultures, careers, countries, timezones, accents, and alcohols, united by a love for EVE and a thirst for blood. However, you will want to be shield or armor buff, or you won’t survive amongst these inebriated barn animals on Friday night’s weekly drunk fleet, where even our most seasoned asshats have lost a headset or two!

Support and Growth: We’re committed to the growth of our members, offering resources and guidance to help you achieve your goals. Our internal logistics network ensures that you have what you need, when you need it, letting you focus on carving your name into the annals of EVE history.

Heed The Call!!: If your gaming soul yearns for more than just an alliance—if you’re searching for a place to call home, where your triumphs are sung and your defeats only deepen your legend—then look no further. D3LYRIUM is where your EVE odyssey evolves into legend and lore amidst a family that fights fiercely, laughs louder, and drinks harder.

Apply Today: Embark with us in this journey to carve out our collective and individual destinies in the void, where each day is a verse in the epic that is D3LYRIUM, and every skirmish a step toward immortality.

For recruitment inquiries and more information, visit our in-game channel “D3LYRIUM” or contact our recruitment officers directly. Fly dangerous!

Recruiting Contact:
Gideon Golgothus
bostonpriest (Discord)

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Actively recruiting chill corps!

o7 friends! Check us out at D3LYRIUM to learn all about the fun/hr to be had with the amazing team we’re building!


Ever since I joined this Corp/Alliance. It has been a great ride. There is no stress you get from the big clubs. Here you are not a number, and your voice will always be herd. This has been the most fun I have had in a long time since playing eve since 2015.


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Big drunk fleet Friday! JOIN UP!!