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Salty…, I am returning the favour of what you did to me, dumb wasn’t it, you can dish it out but you cannot take it. Your advice was worthless because an Athanor will not be able to take down one Leshak with its pathetic application of damage, tha advice you gave was more akin to make them work for it. I gave him the parameters of their remote rep and remote cap, I can also point out that how these ships can be fit to withstand the paltry DPS that an Athanor can put out. You just need an AB and the ability to rep 220 EHP as reported in the game fitting tool and you are golden. Tell me again how much I don’t know.

And I just did an EDIT above to suggest he contact me to see where it is and the timers to see if we can help, though not against PIRAT.

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Yes. My mother and daughter died 6 weeks ago. I’m pretty salty, which is on me, but like I said in the other thread before you started attacking with your ■■■■■■■■ because I simply made a mistake, I have other things going on and you can go get ■■■■■■ for all I care.

I’m not sure he is gonna need your help.

This week-end we just had to log-in for our two timers and they never showed-up.

Most likely there will be no fight unless he his alone in his corp.

Then you have my deepest sympathies. I am very sorry to hear that and I wish you all the best in coming to terms with your loss.

I will say that you need to look at what you did in that post on safe spots to see that you did to me, but at least I was right in terms of the safe spots and the Target Spectrum Breaker module, you were not. But with that on you I can understand why you are way below your best. Damn, that is awful news. If I could take back that exchange I would knowing that, but I guess it is a bit late for that and we will just dig ourselves deeper into mutual contempt for each other.

Looks like PIRAT wants some green. I just hope they have not located his structure.

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Just ■■■■ off Drac. I made a mistake and you basically called me a liar when I owned up to being human. Go get ■■■■■■. Then here I offered the OP advice and he can adjust as he sees fit and you are on the bite again.

Piss off. Just leave me the ■■■■ alone. I am not looking for fights, but my emotions won’t necessarily let me leave them alone if they come at me. That’s my issue, but the distraction of the forum currently is better than alternatives.

So just leave me the ■■■■ alone and take your internet point scoring to someone else.

You went for it on that safe spot thread, and I thought you were playing the same games again. I know now that you are not looking for a fight, and I regret that from what you just told me, but how would I have known that you were in a fragile state and such a terrible thing had happened to you.

I am sorry for what is going on with your life, and I hope you can deal with it, it is terrible to lose people and the way you said it sounds like an accident, which is especially hard to deal with. Like I said I wish you the best on coming to terms with it. I am truly so sorry for your loss.

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Don’t call me a liar and just leave me alone. I’ll make it easy. ■■■■ this place. I’m out. Congrats.

I don’t know if it is PIRAT, that was not the name they used at least.

PIRAT have a pending war on him if I worked back the chain correctly, but it is a French Corp that has him war decked. But the odd thing is that it is a major alliance, so I am not sure that this is correct.

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Haha yes then it’s definitelly the same guys as we ended-up talking in French in local after realising we were both Frenchs communicating with our bad english for no reason.

LOL, funny how that happens sometimes. Well I am certainly not going to try my terrible French with them. Evening EU is not a good time for me and my group, so it is dependent on the timer.

Entities can just plonk a POS down to assist in war decs.

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Was 21:00 French hour for us if that is of any help.

Wife aggro time for me, damn…

OP or anyone who attends let us know how it went once it’s done, whenever that is.

*clapclap* DEFENSE!
*clapclap* DEFENSE!

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It is fittes with 2 heavy neuts and 2 ecms but thats all i could fit on it, i will take advice from all of you, had some good comments here so thank you all for that!

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I’m alone in the corp, they have shown at every timer so far, they will at the last one to

… well yeah but why are you running a corp alone in High sec?

Whatever, my corp leader should contact you as I said, if he decide that we should defend your structure then we will see each other when the time come.

I do because i wanted to offer ice reprocessing services to the community there, it’s the only one that helps them out so i decided to do it. Only tried to be a good guy :stuck_out_tongue: look where i ended up with that haha :stuck_out_tongue:

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LOL :smiley:

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