Join us in creating something new! Growing corp recruiting

Zero’s Legion is a small group hoping to expand and make a big name for itself. All groups start out small, and with the help of loyal members they can turn into something amazing. We will become a force to be reckoned with, and we want as many people as possible to join us so that we can achieve our goals while having as much fun as possible, because even the most boring activities in this game can be a blast with a good group of people and a few beers on hand.

Lgn is a corp of friendly individuals currently living in a Hisec island surrounded by lowsec. This gives us a relatively safe location to grow and train new members, but still keeps us on our toes and allows us to run most of our activity in lowsec. We are taking this opportunity to help our newer or less pvp oriented members learn the ins and outs of pvp, as well as gather members, resources and isk. Our ultimate goal is to be able to live in nullsec, without renting or relying on a massive null bloc backing us. We will grow strong enough to protect ourselves.

Newer or less experienced player are absolutely welcome, we have a number of Veteran players who are more than happy to help out anyone who needs it, and we could always use more seasoned players as well to help bolster our ranks. Industrialists and miners are absolutely welcome, though it must be understood that they will be expected to help defend themselves and our assets when necessary.

We run regular mining, PvE and PvP ops for a variety of playstyles to bolster incomes, work towards tangible corp and alliance milestones, and to get our blood pumping. We try our best to make sure everyone has something they can do, and even in the downtime we have some pretty interesting people to talk to while you rat or mine or do whatever you like to do.

Feel free to contact me in game as well as this forum, or join our public channel listed in our corp description, and we’d be happy to answer any questions

We aim to make a difference in this Universe, and I hope you’ll join us. Great things are just beyond the horizon, so get on board



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