Jump Cloning to structures with specefic toon issue with fix

So i had an issue where one toon could not jump clone to a structure and contacted via support ticket with this

“I can jump clone in the same citadel with this toon but not to another citadel. Before you ask the same 2 citadels i can use with all my other toons no problem. Its seems to be a bug with this toon specifically. I have not reached my JC limit and have no timer as well”

End result i had to reset my jump clone to structure warning to fix it whic worked


Hi there zieg zion, I’m GM Zyra.

Thank you for contacting the Player Experience Team. Please go to the ESC menu and on the Reset Settings tab you should see the “Reset Suppress Message Settings.” Please check if you have any warning messages related to clone jumping suppressed. It may also be related to the “Jump to destructible structure” message.

Please let me know how it goes!

Best Regards,
GM Zyra
CCP Player Experience | EVE Online

SO that solution there works if you get the issue with one specific toon which wont jc to structure despite having no timer

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