Just how dangerous is autopilot in HS?

As per title. Is 0.5 and above OK? Or rather what are the risks?



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Edit; I guess I should add I like to keep my ships so I don’t autopilot…


The risks are 3 emojis of one type and 1 of another? Perhaps 2 of 1 and 2 of a different?


So HS is essentially HFSSS = High False Sense of Security Sec?


The point is that if you are in anything worth shooting, you will be shot. You can play, but the the odd’s are not in your favor.

Edit; play=gamble.

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It both is and is not safe.

It IS safe if…

  • You are fairly tanky
    – See: it takes 3 or 4+ people in “full-gank” Catalyst destroyers to nuke you
  • You are not flying or carrying anything of “particular value”
    – “Particular Value” = (Total cost of 1 ganking ship * Number of people required to gank you) * 1.2
  • You are not travelling through some well known ganking systems
    – Example: Udema

It is NOT safe if…

  • You are flying something with the hitpoints of a wet paper bag
    – Example: Shuttle or Pod
  • You are carrying many things of value
    – Note: Things with low-volume and high-unit-price are particularly tempting

Another way to put it is:
“Autopilot is not safe to use until you learn when it is safe to use.”

(edit: faux ganking calculation was incorrect, it has been revised now that I am not in a chemical haze)


misrepresentation of what High Security means. Sure there’s CONCORD and Faction Police in every 0.5 and up. CONCORD thoroughly punishes anyone that COMMITS a crime in space, IE: ganking, shooting wrecks, etc.

They could care less about anyone with -10 security standing… That falls onto faction police. they are found in Low sec and Hi Sec, and their focus is enemies of the empire to which you are located in.

I do it all the time. Manually Pilot near Jita and zones such as Uedama and rest is autopilot.

Depends on your ship and cargo.
I auto all the time. Ships I tend to fly just aren’t worth ganking.

Short answer:
Pretty dangerous

Slightly longer answer:
Somewhere from mildly dangerous to “I’m here flying a ship please come and kill me. Now”.

Longer answer:
Basically you’re lining yourself up to be ganked because, whether on not you are actually AFK, to all extents and purposes it looks like you’re AFK and this will attract the attention of gankers who hate AFK gameplay with a passion and will do their damnedest to try to kill you, possibly justifiably because you’re not focussed on what you are doing.

Fundamentally when you warp via AP you don’t warp right on top of the gate (0kms) but 15kms out, meaning that for some time you’ll be travelling towards the gate on impulse power and looking to all and sundry like a spacecraft version of a metaphorical stuffed pig, ready for slaughter, hence why hardly anyone does this.



Mmmm, barbecue! It’s a shame smell doesn’t travel in space either. :smirk:

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That reminds me that I want to try popping slowboating capsules and shuttles with smartbombs. Tried some NPCs in a smartbombing Velator, small smartbombs are quite weak though. But 8 small smartbombs on a dessie… There’s many ways to have fun in New Eden :slight_smile:

Very dangerous. Gankers will have time to scan your ship, and surmise the value of your implants as well. If you have a high security status or are an old character, people will gank your ship even if it’s worthless, just for the chance of killing your pod and implants.

Fresh meat

Remember when autopilot went on the blink after downtime once and sent all the haulers through Amamake and other lowsec systems :slight_smile:

Fun times

We need more “events” like this


Ironic that in a thread about AUTOPILOT, two users on opposite sides of an argument are clearly on AUTO PILOT themselves. One sees everything they consider hate speech to be equal. N word is no different to the R word. The other sees a slippery snowflake covered slope.


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One thing I do use AP for all the time is for docking. I have made a crap ton of bookmarks over the yrs. I never just warp to station for places I frequent. Some are so close that I bounce off! Don’t know if that is still possible. Anyway, AP would still dock me even after the bounce got me out of docking range. Now I just do as habit.

I came into this game from the pvp side. I fly like there’s someone else just like me on the other side of the gate…

Warping to instadock bookmark then activating autopilot is a good way to maximize your chance of not getting exploded especially in busy and/or lag filled systems like Jita. I always use it on my Jita thief alt when suspect after stealing something to safely dock up, since years, never once got shot at when doing so.

This method always requests docking access immediately after arriving no matter the lag (and also avoiding slow reaction time or time it would take to click the button that might not appear immediately either) so it is a good habit that is useful not just for suspects but haulers and/or blinged ships and people in general as well.

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