Just need fed back

Hi (O7) I just been on line and off and the log in was trouble but fixed, as all you know when any one is killed on any part of the galaxy of EVE tranquility, any one think it is a fair example if you just got a ship and you exit the station where you got this and some one makes it impossible to defend your self, so you are at the other option to place a bounty on this and you can not, two reasons being your low on (ISK) or (PLEX) to make a bounty? and you are with out ships form multiple times of the same act? just want some feedback on this new topic.

Don’t put a bounty on anyone. It is useless and a waste of ISK.

Your situation is indeed frustrating, but you will figure out a solution, I’m sure. Persevere.


If you are travelling in low or null security space without being a member of a corporation that can teach you how to survive, I recommend you simply undock in your pod and fly back to highsec - if someone shoots the pod, the trip will be a lot faster.

In highsec, if you’re undocking from Jita in a large, expensive ship there is a risk you will be ganked - small ships can usually align and warp faster than the gankers can react. cheap ships aren’t worth ganking. At smaller trade hubs, you will pay a bit more but you’re less likely to encounter gankers.

In Eve, ships are consumables, only fly what you can afford to lose. To earn ISK, you can fly the career missions in a rookie ship (each faction has 3 sets of career agents) https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Career_Agents and the SOE epic arc https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/The_Blood-Stained_Stars which provides more than enough ISK to purchase and properly fit a cruiser for the final mission against Dagan.


You are at war with another corp/alliance.

It means you are a valid target for those people. If your corp is to crap to help you through this maybe another corp that is a bit more clued up on the game would help? Or even joining a corp that does not have any structures so it cannot be wardecced.

You are now a target to these guys becuse you are actually feeding with nice kills.

As for the other people posting in here while valid responses it does not help the poster if you do not actually find out first why he keeps dying.

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You are at war, that’s why they can kill you without consequence. You have also made yourself a tempting target by flying expensive ships that you don’t have the knowledge or skills to fly properly, and by spending your time in the most populous areas of highsec.

If you want to put a bounty on someone, all you need is 100,000 isk. Right click on them in local chat and there should be an option to place a bounty. That said, bounties don’t actually do anything useful.

My real suggestion is that you learn not to die so much. Move to some remote area of highsec. Fly less expensive stuff. Avoid trade hubs. Make yourself ineligible for wardecs by joining a corporation without any structures.

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Do you not speak English? Did you not read what we wrote in your last topic?

You are in war.

People are able to freely shoot you.

You need to leave your Corp if you want to get out of it.





I agree

What about being in a war and losing ships and not accepting or even acknowledging this very good advice?

Do you agree?

Leave your corp and accept our advice was good?

Agree to it?


it will not let me leave,

How can it stop you leaving if you want to ?

Maybe it’s a bug. Maybe the CEO has his daughter as a hostage and forced him to mine and run missions with a 90 percent tax rate.

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well I don’t know it’s just that I’m in the position where I’m supposed to play and ever since I get Brandon shifts I go into a place where they can get brand new ships and then I’m supposed to never see the ships again because as soon as I get them there immediately destroyed when I leave the station. And I mean literally leave the station on this topic

I am starting to think you are just trolling now.

damn … i see the problem

all RIOT kills were in War time
does your corp has no war rules? its just a bit stupid to fly a Nestor in a war solo arround

about the lost ships in low sec … yea that happens … happend to you … happend to me … to everyone … the one Prixis fit is really bad … a Battleship with 150mm Railgun I ?? really … every weapon has a use and a ship(class) to be used on … thats a weapon for a Frigate … on a Battleship this would look different
same: “1MN Afterburner I” … 1mn? its faster you jump out and push hard …

the Corp you are in has 20 memebers … are the all active? is it 3 guys and 20 chars?
question yourself if it is the right corp for you … i dont see you got protection and plans for situations like that … you dont get help fitting a ship right … as it looks to me …

so … i dont know if you dont listen to them or if they dont help you but somewhere there is a problem … maybe its smart to find a corp who teaches a bit more so you learn how to protect yourself and learn when it is the right time to do what you want to do … some allainces have a corp only for new guys … some do classes and practis … some are more the advice guys … the help and answer when asked …

the corp i am in helped me a lot from the first day but only when i asked … they didnt push me hard to stuff i didnt asked for … but still its a good place to be

the alliance i am in has started such a new player corp … its really cool to help them …

so … i guess you had just bad luck and no real help … dont stay alone with your problems … find a good place … of you ran out of ships its maybe a good time to move :wink:

in any chat window you can rightclick your name and at the bottom you find “Qite Corporation” … that the way to do … then got to: https://forums.eveonline.com/c/corporations-alliances/recruitment-center or joun the recruitment channel in game and have a chat with people there … dont join right away … just have a look and see what happens …


I wish people would quit put me in a condition where I may be considered a troll or something of that type of thing. I’m just trying to play the game when I play the game I play and when it comes to the point where I’m in the middle of a space and all the sudden I see a black screen and my lock screen show up what do you think that is and it’s not me because other things like this like military games I play. And that the same kind of games multiplayer with a lot of cool stuff inside. try running a stick and throttle once in awhile machine guns barreling down on you and not crashing on you or people making it hard for you to advance because of their personal psychological evaluation was correct their nuts

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