KamDron Union Engineering opens regional office

KDUE expands operations in the central Placid region to include small scale colonies on the potentially mineral rich but harsh moons surrounding Intaki II, and resource collection in the Vay system.

KamDron benefactor Echerie Saissore was in orbit aboard his mostly retired federal naval vessel partaking in a special opening ceremony for the new minor colony stating,

“This is a great day for the budding industrial arm of KamDron Union. The technicians were pleased to tell me negotiations went in their favor regarding the latest compensation contracts, and the KamDron leadership have given the nod of approval for startup. I hope this new venture of expansion supplies the much needed automation to the surrounding systems, and shores up any naval supply contracts in need of KamDron’s advanced Drone technology.”

Echerie was not available for further comment, exiting the region quickly. The sight of the battle tested Dominix class FN-YORK is always breathtaking, at least for this aged and humble CEO. Fireworks were on display, as seen from the surface at the resource extraction colony offices.

KamDron’s operations will continue in the region, with special emphasis placed on advanced drone technology for capusleers engaged in the federation’s diplomatic efforts, as well as providing planetary automation technology and technical expertise.


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