KamDron Union Engineering Announces Operations


KamDron Union Engineering announces the opening of offices in Aeschee, and Eglennaert.

The founder, Kammus Corelli, had this to say about the recent changes, including renaming the corporation:

"Our continuing efforts to bring aid where it is needed has seen the need for a larger vision. We will continue to provide heavy logistical support, humanitarian aid, and disaster relief to anyone within our reach, regardless of political standings. We also will continue to provide enhanced drone technology to those wishing to pursue advanced remote operations. Please monitor the public comms relay [KamDron], accessible by fluid router anywhere in New Eden for additional announcements. "

KamDron has also stated they are seeking partnerships with other individuals and corporate entities for raw materials, scientific research, and Federation Naval support operations.

For further information about this corporation, please contact Echerie Saissore , or Kammus Corelli.

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Oh boy, I can practically hear the gibbering Crashed-out pack of lawyers Josh keeps caged being unleashed after dangling that corp logo in front of them for a while, giving them the scent.

This has to be one of the more unfortunately named business ventures the Federation has seen, right up there with the Sanni Kuvakai Sabikk Engineering corporation over in the Empire.

Good luck though?

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Dear Mrs. Del’thul,

Unsure as to why you feel the corporate name is unfortunate. It is the name of the founder. Nothing more.

Thank you for the well wishes.

Ah, Mr Saissore, a pleasure to see your ventures finally expanding.

As to why Ms. Del’thul calls the naming scheme unfortunate, is due to the general naming scheme of many Serpentis unit identifiers, as well as Coreli Corp, a capsuleer supporter entity and subsidiary of the Serpentis. And I do have to agree it is a bit… unfortunate yes.

Greetings to you Lauralite,

Perhaps research into changing the corporate name can be done further. However, any name is going upset someone. We will look into this matter.

Best wishes.

While I’m not surprised an up and coming industrial corporation would seek to hitch a ride on our sterling reputation as an industrial powerhouse known for producing New Edens finest artisanally handcrafted pharmaceuticals, it is not something we can let slide nor would settle in court.

Unfortunately, it seems that while they have imitated our name they did not imitate our swashbuckling bravado and have chosen to hide under CONCORDs protective skirt.

Be warned Mr. Saissore, we are watching and when you set foot outside that cowardly cocoon you will find us waiting, knife in one hand, declaration of war in the other.


Now give me my god damn drugs back, you thieving bastard.

Oh? Thank you for the information.

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Mr. Foiritain,

Having no formal comprehension of your establishment, as I am certain we do not socialize in the same circles, Mr. Corelli has advised that a different identity is a small issue that can be resolved.

He has informed me that the proper paperwork will be submitted as soon as a suitable identity has been chosen.

He does apologize for any misgivings, as he certainly does not want to be associated with knife wielding pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Kind regards!


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