KAMIYA DOJO - The new player corp (we also have vets)

Hello Eve Community

Kamiya Dojo is a new corporation that was created to cater to new players so that they can find a community to learn the game in and grow as a group. We also have returned veterans who have taken it upon themselves to train new players and act as mentors but if you want to come and chill that is ok too.

Our corp is growing fast with 20 members already in just one week with more recruits each day. Now is the perfect time to join a fast growing community that has full leadership support from the veterans of the game.

Requirements are very low:

  • No sp requirement, day one players ok
  • Discord encouraged but ok if you want to lurk silently
  • Be willing to help, or stay quiet
  • No douchebags

Our basic stats

  • We are international, all timezones
  • Based in Black Rise
  • 20+ members, growing fast
  • Mineral buy back in the belt during mining operations

We are currently helping players with abyssals, mining, faction warfare and wormholes with plans to do nullsec roams.

This is a non-toxic community, no hotheads, no elitism just friendly help and growth.

If you would like to apply, please join the discord channel and say hello, please change your discord channel nickname to your ingame name.

Our public channel ingame channel is also ‘Kamiya’


Great corp, helped me out with getting started with EVE

We have just hit 45 members and growing steadily. Check us out by joining our discord.

A very friendly and organized corp. Joined only 2 days ago and I’m really enjoying my time :slight_smile:

Good group, really focused on teaching newbs all the things they need in any area and really very encouraging and supportive. Everyone SAYS they are newbro friendly, these people ARE.

Awesome group, come on and join. Stayed up till the sunrise the next day just hanging with em after joining.

Great bunch of pilots! … Amazing fun times on comms and there’s always a fleet up for something or the other! …

Recruiter here! Friendly bump. Contact me in-game or here on the forums to know more about Kamiya Dojo!

Just as a note - We have waaaaaaaay more than 20 people

Continuing the discussion from KAMIYA DOJO - The new player corp (we also have vets):

great corp plenty of content during all time zones

Heya’s I am a mature aged Australian that has been playing Eve Online since 2014, Kamiya Dojo is the best corperation I have been in…

They are helpful, and are willing to take time developing a players skills!!!

Enjoying my time with them immensely and the time has made Eve Online a great ‘game’ again.

Maureen Carney (Stephen Carney)

There’s always something to do in Kamiya Dojo! But only if you feel like it. Great high-sec corp!

Great group to fly with. No drama, no massive egos, well organized and everyone is extremely helpful.

Great active group of EVE players lots of willing people to help for the greater good


Heya! I’ll have to check you guys out when I get on later. I just returned to playing after like a 7 year break with a brand new character so I definitely have a lot of relearning to do.


Good Morning everyone from the US TZ!


Hello Everyone!!! Daily Bump

Dojo Looking for more US TZ Guys!

New and Old Players alike - over 200 Members and growing.

Good Evening Everyone o7

Daily Bump