Keeping Journals

Hey Gang,
Disclaimer first,.I’m old school,.Pen and paper works fine for me,so I bought a notebook when I started this game two years ago,.I love looking at the first pages,
So my question is,have you kept a written journal of your adventures in New Eden too ?

                                     Just asking,.
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I started my journal very publicly on the EVE-O forum beginning on the day of 09/09/09 and continued writing in it to this very day.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Yeah I got a lot of old notebooks with Eve notes in them. Most are gibberish stuff now as they lack context but some are funny and good to look back on.

I wish I had a journal to jot down big events in my time here (10 years approx) but sadly i didnt, I can remember some events, but not when they happened. shame really.

There was a post that someone did some time ago (I think on these new forums) asking for peoples “stories” I did contribute to that with what I could remember at the time, but I cannot find that post now :frowning:

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Not a day-to-day journal but I’m archiving and sharing key moments of my EVE journey in the form of my steam screenshot library:

Also in written format on my EVE-blog:

And of course the zkillboards of my characters who actively partake in various forms of PvP activities:

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