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I am not sure if this is the right place to post this. But I am wondering if there are any third-party tools, or sites that would track the basic events of an evening playing the game? By this what I mean is something that traces how you move through space, where you have been to and who you might have met on grid. Some of this is probably beyond the EULA but perhaps some information could be traced and recorded?

I know that the game logs do record some information but then it would be nice to make sense of this by drawing it together into a format where it could be used to narrate or tell the story of your evening. It would be even better if we could do this and share our stories and adventures online on a site. One of the huge advantages of Eve as a sandbox is these underlying stories (I think). For me it is the every day things that pod pilots are doing that makes the sandbox fascinating.

There are of course risks associated with giving away your position or your trade routes, or were you like to mine. But these details could be edited using a tool like a blogging system?

I dunno, this might seem a little bit mad, but here’s to wishing there was something a little bit more engaging to read around Eve than simple null block politics or the fact that someone got ganked (again). One of the things that keeps me coming back to the game is the back story I am creating with my characters. I can think of chapters and drama that has happened. This is what makes the game special.

I don’t just travel from a to B for the sake of it I do it to help my corp out, to make some isk in the market (whilst avoiding Gankers), or to go get a ship to participate in PVP.

It isn’t the dramatic events of Eve the get me interested it’s the stories of the everyday things that pod pilots are doing.

I look at the corp that I’m in and I just love to see what people are doing together. Sometimes that’s the story should be told and is currently missing from the meta.


The Eve logs ( Documents/Eve/Logs ) record a lot of this stuff. Every system you have been in, and all the Local and corp chat logs.

One of the guys I was in a corp with years ago would blog in moderate detail after each EVE session. It was more entertaining that I might have thought.

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Here is a list of websites that offer all sorts of information;

Third-party tools - EVE University Wiki

An interesting one could be Abyss Tracker website found within that domain above.


There is! It’s called ‘taking notes then filling the information in a bit more right after your gaming session while it is fresh in your mind’.

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You are allowed to record content using (both video and audio) and publish it to YouTube, Twitch, etc… Why wouldn’t you be allowed to make content? I don’t know if it is on that long list you were given by Frostpacker, but I would recommend using OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). OBS is free, works well with most games and OS. You can record to your HD, it allows you to record selected sections of the screen, full screen, or windowed.

Have fun making your content with whatever program you decide to utilize. :slightly_smiling_face:

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