Keeping PvE players in EVE

If Highsec will be removed. Highsec players will become cloaky campers. PVP wannabe should stop understmating highsec players. Most carebears and botters lives in nullsec. Nullsec should be removed and turn it into HS where isk is a dime and let us gank. Null fat krabbers are the ones destroying the game not HS.

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Falling on deaf ears here. Empire Carebears don’t have the equity to sell 1 of their 3 supers and make some nice money these days. WH has always been a cash machine unless something horribly goes wrong.

Evil carebear miner my butt. They know not of the power of Rorq…CCP wants to know how 0.0 got jacked up for mins they need to look in that mirror. They made rorq happen.

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HiSec should be moved to Reddit.

I am the most carebear thing you ever saw on this side of the galaxy, to the point where I get squeamish about killing NPC’s.

But, if you will forgive me, isn’t this game’s PVP mandatory? I am not aware of any PVE mode.



They don’t want PvE players in EVE.

of course they want
they made abyssal content that gives ■■■■ loads of money
they buffed marauders
etc… etc…

PVE in many variations is very well rewarded

If that is true and not complete nonsense you made up, they seem to be doing a very awful job at discouraging PVE since they keep adding more PVE content.


Theyll have a hard time getting rid of me.

true. But the balance is some put out MTU’s. So they completely wipe out the hard to probe benefit.

Also some out there cheap out on the MWD for the 30km runs to acc. gate. A nice deadspace MWD is faster and less sig radius.

The little things to reduce probe window some just don’t do still get gankers kills.

They labeled PVE players as Cancers. So that is why they can’t purge them. :smiling_imp:

Their limited capsuleer brain didn’t fathom that many PVE pilots already retired from PVP because it became too boring already and thier Hunger for PVP are already gone. Many Veterans in eve are already tired of PVP. Even the characters of james315 and Adrian Vexier became tired of pvp and leaved new eden for good.

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Why I do it mainly now. Its fun.

Having loads of fun on experimental fit ships in pve. Not optimal. NOt to “the fleet fit” standards. Don’t care…its fun.

Also with recent changes I look at this way. I could fly for goons or papi. Lose a 400 mil BS, or 4 billion cap. Not get SRP since both sides having issues if reddit propaganda has any truth to it. So yeah…400 mil ship (not fit tack on more for that) is jsut gone.

So if my minmatar newer alt gets ganked in a partially faction fit wolf hopping systems for a mission I am actually making out pretty good. It be cheaper than a 400 mil bs called primary and dead in seconds flat.

And most times I’d say I did something wrong. I didn’t fly safe for a gank. 0.0 sometimes there is no “well git gud” to dying. YOu die because you followed your orders to the letter. Running the the full 100% fleet fit.

And usually the fine residents of uedama, hek, other .5 systems I bounce around on my travels save up for bigger and better targets lol.


EVE PVE players were originally given content mainly to bring them in as cannon fodder for ganking types, and secondarily as cash generators and possible future PVP players. Now there is competition between the powers that be over whether their main purpose is the cash or the cannon fodder.

The original creators of the game were basically a pack of hyenas who created a theme park centered on exactly what you would expect a pack of hyenas to center a theme park on…grief, violence, destruction and plunder…and they dressed it up as adventure, honor, creation and comradery. Its pretty much the same thing you get at the military recruitement center…BS piled on BS for the sake of using and abusing you for the pleasure of a few…and sadly, most people are still too dim to do anything but judge a book by its cover.

So they why are you here? Why did you join the game, or stay when you understood what it really was?

I have my reasons, but I am not telling.

Edit: Okay, I will tell you ONE of them.

Know thy enemy.

Haha, of course you aren’t.

Whatever that was supposed to mean.

I will let you in on a secret: You won’t divine a person’s hidden motives in less than a minute’s thinking time. Nor will you determine if they have none with decent accuracy.

Slow your roll. Take your time. You will get better results.

After all, you are a busy professional who is compiling intelligence on the enemy for future maneuvers against them, aren’t you?

You are here on a very important mission to make the world a better place. I understand that. Here, in EVE Online. Not somewhere tangible of course, where there would be risk and repercussions to your actions, but here, in a video game’s forums.

I understand. Keep up the good fight, I guess?

Not surprised you did not take my advice to slow down and think for a bit. But this is why you keep getting so many wrong answers.

Not that you care. I know my enemy pretty well. You are in it for instant gratification, and what gives it to you is being annoying to others.

Truth be told I am actually banned from the forums I would rather be posting at. But I learned a lot about scummy human behavior there too.

Me. I joined the game because its a video game. Why do some players pushing RL mess in a video game? They are just depressing themselves.