EVE Is Dangerous. Yeah Right

Buys Ship. Gets Blown Up By A Gate Camper. Cries. Listens To Shelter 10 Times. https://youtu.be/fzQ6gRAEoy0

Accurate(?) Story Of My Life. There’s No Laksa In My Bowl.

Keep clown posts like those to your main’s clown alliance forums please, thanks.


Sarcastically mentions EVE’s dangerous.
Dies in a gate camp.
Proves the point he was making.

It’s simply not reasonable why you should be in danger of beeing killed in high if you don’t want to PVP…

Just let me flag myself as non pvp and make me unattackable by pvp…works in other games and will work here.
Can such a flag be abused?
Sure it can…but this is acceptable if you are safe on the other hand…

If you actually like the risk…turn the flag of…if not be safe…no problem beside the “this would not be eve anymore because i cannot shoot at everyone” staters argument…

And the holy market?
The market will apdept to this change…is has everytime and this is no exeption…


So what?

Comparing blizzard to CCP ?

That’s not even close to beeing reasonable…

If WOW looses 20k subscribers the just flare their nose…if the same happens to eve the server will be shutted down…

You have no argument here…


You sound frustrated. Are you? If a game frustrates you then you play it wrong. Take a break and chill or something. Consider a different game when at it. Games are to be played for fun, not to get frustrated over. Just a tip.


CCP is profitable enough for that not to happen. Hell, if it were actually the case, they’d have gone under years ago, considering all the ■■■■■■■■ changes they pushed, that in turn made many of the vets ragequit to never look back.

It wasn’t an argument nor a comparison, it was a “that’s the place you’re looking for” suggestion. That you failed to get that is only further proof that you’re better off there than here.


How many subscribers does EVE have?

It is reasonable.

EVE online has never, ever, ever even pretended that you are safe in hisec.

If you choose a PVP server in WoW, and then complain about how there is so much PVP in the game, guess whos fault that is.

If you want to play a game that is strictly PVE, go play WoW and choose a PVE server. Otherwise, youre choosing PVP if you come to EVE online.

Choosing a PVP server in WoW, and then complaining about how there is so much PVP that its ridiculous, is ridiculous. Choosing EVE online, and then complaining how its unreasonable to be killed in high even if you dont want to PVP, is ridiculous.

You are ridiculous.


i bet this dude thinks he’s “safe” IRL when there are lots of cops around too.


more like… reality.

You are a victim and i need target practice, i think we have a match here… come to me babe, do you feel it down your back? My heavy assault missile ready to penetrate you hull?

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Me Nub. Me In Incursus, No Match For You…

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It’s simply unreasonable for you to believe that you should be safe from being killed anywhere in the game, whether you want to PVP or not. It is a core principle of the game, hell ‘Everyone Vs Everyone’ is a thing.

You don’t want to be attacked? Make yourself hard to kill. It’s not hard, it just can’t be done afk unless you’re docked.

EVE is a pvp game. Adapt, leave, or just get killed over and over again and cry. If you choose the final option, please do so quietly and in private.


That requires both forethought and effort, he appears to be unwilling to expend them, or ignorant of both altogether

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Ignorant is forcing your playstyle on others…even beeing able to do that…

Eve desperately needs to turn its sails into the mainstream winds to carry on…

CCP knows this and slowly turned the ship recently,guys like you do not want to see it and keep facepalming others that saw the change coming miles away.

You know what?

Your doubting and taunting will not help you…
You are blind and facing the truth will get you cold…

The needs of the many (PVE) are more important than the needs of the less(PVP),even if the less got their asses powdered for 15 years eve will have to react to a change in playstyle and this means not more PVP it means less…

Welcome to the real reality beside the one you imagine…


CCP should add a server selector to pilot creation. You can choose from:

  • Tranquility (PVP)

Then when you choose it, it says in nice bright red characters:

Warning, this is a PVP (player vs player) server. Expect to fight and compete with other players here, in virtually everything that you do. Don’t expect your hand held. Here there be monsters. We don’t feed them - your corpse does.

It would prevent so many complaints.


Server selector lol TQ vs Serenity that eneded up so pvp that a lot of players exploded themselves and quit. Whereas TQ is so full of content creaters that a big part of pvp i.e wardeccing is driving player populations down to the point some of our glorious CSM members want it taken out of the game until a fix for the awesome pvp gets a proper fix because its so awesome. How many have left through other griefing tactics?

No, you can’t choose between TQ and Serenity; you can choose between TQ and nothing. Serenity’s a Chinese server, and the only people that can choose it are (iirc) Chinese nationals.

The people that leave because of griefing were clearly not cut out for this game. It’s not a friendly place, it’s not a safe place. There’s absolutely no expectation of safety, but for the safety you make for yourself.

A lot of people, especially in this day and age, simply can’t handle losing when that means actually losing. They’re too used to games like WoW where they respawn in the nearest graveyard with all their ■■■■, having lost exactly nothing.

Eve doesn’t hold your hand here, you hold your own hand.