Keeping the monthly fee with PVE in HS

Hello everybody. I would like to ask something to the community, unfortunately the dollar is extremely expensive in my country, Brazil (domestic reasons) so is it possible to maintain a monthly fee (payment) by doing only PVE activities?

Yes, easily. Abyssals is a good option, combat exploration can make good isk and trading can be very good too. All depends on what you like, what you’re good at and how much effort you put in.


Despite being old in EVE, he was away. I remember that, in ‘zero’ sectors, with a lot of effort, it was possible to maintain that with Carrier. It manages to keep the game until 2021, but unfortunately I had to abandon it. I would like to return. I don’t know Abyssal, I’ll check it out and read more about it.

If you consider playing as Alpha, you have no monthly fee at all.

Alternatively, if you have ‘enough skills’, you could skill farm your account and monthly extract SP from it to sell, which covers most of the montly fee. Then you would only need to make a little more doing any PvE.

Or just grind the full Omega every month, which also is an option. But if it were me I would burn out fast on the game that way. I don’t like making ISK, and any ISK I make goes to ships I can lose in combat. If I would have to pay Omega with it, I would have far less ships to lose.


As mentioned, SP farm. Play Omega for free.

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I would recommend Incursions and abyssal. t4-6 abyssal do take quite a lot of skill but it’s within reason to earn 1.5bil doing this a month. There is more advanced stuff in WH’s with c6 sites and NS ratting also.

Incursions however do quite become stale, and it has a high time/investment side to it so I would be careful.

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i was long time ago able to PLEX my account by farming dog tags. You can farm a mission i think up to 7 days. The most important is that you don’t finish the mission, so the mission respawns new after every DT.

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