Kids with Cancer (no, this is genuine)

New Eden is a place full of Bstrds… this is nothing new and the people that sit behind those accounts are more often than not, smart-ass mother f*ckers (myself included).

However, I do know that when the time comes, the community of New Eden is unlike any other and I myself have witnessed some of the great things this community have done from B4R (I actually referred someone to them and saw the success) to disaster relief and likely many more.

This is a personal request for those of you that want to help to help support a great cause which isn’t just your normal “I am raising funds for [INESRT CHARITY HERE] charity”.

I work in the City of London for a large organisation and every year, we select a charity that will be the beneficiary of our fundraising efforts for that year.

This year is a bit different and a colleague was successful in having his charity chosen for this year. That charity is “Solving Kids Cancer” ( and the reason this was selected was my colleague’s family have a child suffering from high-risk neuroblastoma ( This is considered a rare form of cancer and so treatment is often required outside the UK and is very expensive for families that experience this disease.

Jake, the 5 year old child who suffers from this, was just 3 when he was diagnosed and has already been through multiple (8) treatments of invasive chemotherapy to name a few.

At work we (and perhaps more specifically, as I am on the committee… me!) are organising a number of events to raise funds but the main one is “Tough Mudder Urban” (, where I am running a 5km obstacle course through London.

I appreciate asking for your money is cheeky, but having just today attended a presentation where we learnt more about the charity and actually met Jake, it pulled on my heartstrings more than normal and the fact the connection to Jake is through someone with which I work made the whole experience feel a bit more real, if not humbling.

So when I went back to my desk, I started thinking of ways to raise funds and given EvE is such a big part of my life, I could think of no better place to start with my fund raising efforts than the cess-pool that is New Eden J

If you are in a position to make a donation then thank you. There is no minimum donation (afaik) and every single penny or cent contributed will help make Jake’s life better and go that one step closer to curing his cancer. Also, if you are in a position to make a donation of any size, I would also ask you leave a comment identifying you as a resident of New Eden so I can show the people I work with we aren’t all just a bunch of super-nerds.

Finally, if you do make a donation and want some more “bang for your buck”, suggest and additional challenge for me to complete on the run (pint of beer after every km completed, Hulk shirt busting celebration on completion etc) and I will look through them and photo evidence as many as I can J

Just Giving Page: (feel free to share with as many people as you want!)

Not sure if this will achieve any success but whatever the outcome, thank you for taking the time to read this.


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Bump after 24hrs because who doesn’t want to find a cure for cancer effecting children?

Another bump for what it’s worth (which hopefully some people agree is a good cause)


Where I live the amount of registered charities is growing faster than the population growth.

That is all I wish to reply with to your thread. (rather than just read and skip)

Appreciate that but im not promoting a charity, simply trying to raise funds for a guy at work and his kid.

I know it’s a long shot but I also know this community is a good bunch so thought Id try at least :slight_smile:

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