Killing Dagan

So I read that Dagan can tank 100 hp so you need higher than 100 dps to beat him yet even with 160 DPS I cant beat him. I have only played a week and I tried with 75 mm Railguns like 6 of them plus drones hammerheads and hobgoblins (separate attempts) even missiles. I simply cant damage him even with higher than 100 DPS. So how is this supposed to work for a new player because this is a starting level mission. The 20 mil you make is mostly wasted trying to fight an enemy with defenses you have never seen before. Can someone explain A: How to beat him or B: why EVE Devs thought making an unkillable boss at level one was in anyway helpful other than to drain some noobs bank account while he tried this weapon and that ship. :@

As an aside to a new player going from 20 mil isk to 6 mil ISK trying to beat a boss which puts you right back to square one is fairly anti player rententive ijs. I honestly almost just dumped the game for the sheer fact of this mission wasting my time and ISK. Having to do 50 missions and losing all your gains because of one mission that shouldn’t be that complex and isnt explained properly for a new player is a GREAT way to make people walk away from your game.

Any help would be appreciated I’m pretty pissed about wasting a day doing missions to end up with nothing to show for it except 25 jumps back home when I finally complete it.

it is not. It is the final mission of an Epic Arc.

You just hit him as hard as you can through his reps - his reps work in waves so you have a window to drop his HP down.

Not everything has to be easy to do/kill. It is a test for your skills. It seems that you failed it.

Thats only your opinion. Many new players enjoy the challenge of the mission.

You ask for help but dont give any info to work with. It seems that you tried rails (why not blasters with antimatter charges?), drones and missiles… which means that you haven’t properly trained in any of them. Paper DPS is not the same as applied DPS.

Algos should be plenty to shred him apart if flown and used properly.


Dagan is designed to be beatable by a group, EVE is not a solo game. Ask in local for help, or ask your corp (if you have one by now.)

That said, it’s possible to beat him solo by a new character in a decently fit destroyer. It requires decent knowledge of game mechanics (how to improve damage application, etc…) more than most new players have.

Try to:

  • Figure out which damage types he has the lowest resistances to, and choose appropriate ammo.
  • Fly in such a manner that you hit him as well as you can, possibly you are out-tracking or out-ranging your own guns.

@ Ms Steak Well I have trained in them however an Algos which is what I used doesnt allow for missiles and i have drones to level 4 and a few other settings at the same level. Do you wish to help or troll critique my post. Your assumptions arent even correct.

And as for skills when you have never seen something that can mitigate that much damage skill has 0 to do with it. Book knowledge maybe so you can counter it. There is no skill involved in trying to beat something that is impervious to anything you own.

Most of your sentences end with if you did this and that correctly.

Now to the one thing you said that was actually useful I will try blasters with antimatter charges thanks.

The rest of it wasn’t needed. I was annoyed being snarky isnt helpful and if you didnt like what I wrote they have this thing called moving along nothing to see here but I do honestly thank you for the blaster suggestion and I shall try it later.

Thanks :slight_smile:

@Trevor thanks I was at 500 as close as possible I just didnt know about the resistance to certain weapons. thanks back to the drawing board

Can you link the ship and the fitting you were using?

If you are using guns, you might be too close.

Guns (in combination with their ammo) have two important attributes. Range and tracking speed. If you are too far you will be out of range and start missing your target. If you are too close, the angular velocity of your target will be too high for your guns to follow (especially if you are orbiting) and you will also miss your target.

you came here to complain and whine. You mainly complained on ccp and the game, but not much on your too low level of skills and/or knowledge. According to your post, the game is obviously broken and CCP devs are obviously greedy trying to get your rl money.
Ms steak gave you some good advices and also highlighted that your opinion about eve is not shared by other players. But you don’t seem to accept critics
What about trying to improve, learn, and harden the â– â– â– â–  up?
In case you cannot, there are plenty of mmos with epic quest to follow, where npcs will explain to you what to do, and will congratulate you when you come back, telling you how amazing you are and how you saved the world.

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Try fitting blasters with antimatter ammo. Orbit him as close as possible - he doesn’t do a lot of damage. I think you’ll find he dies reasonably quickly - you shouldn’t need a reload.

If you don’t want to refit, there are usually a lot of people in Arnon who are happy to help - just ask in local.

Dagan is supposed to encourage players to fleet up together to take him on. Newer players do destroy him solo and that’s actually not extremely rare. So Dagan is not “umkillable”, OP. Ask in local for a partner to fleet up with.

OP, you were angry and frustrated when you made this thread. but hopefully you’ve calmed now. You will enjoy EvE more if you never complain and realize that 90% of problems you might encounter in this game are just things you haven’t figured out yet but probably will soon enough.

EvE players never stop learning new things about EvE no matter how long they play.

I hope you stay with us in this weird and wonderful game. May you experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat in whatever you are doing at the time in Eve.


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Easily finished all missions with my Algos ship. Drones, drones and drones on the maximal range.

The OP needs a serious attitude change. If only to make it anywhere far in to the game.

Whining, entitlement and blaming everything left and right, while not for one second being introspective, generally ends in failure. And not just only “by accident”.

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OP post: "Can someone explain … why EVE Devs thought making an unkillable boss at level one was in anyway helpful other than to drain some noobs bank account while he tried this weapon and that ship. :@

and OP a few hours later: " I just didnt know about the resistance to certain weapons."


I believe that was the point. Ms steak said you didnt give enough info about your current situation, ship type, etc. She can only work off what you have said, which is going to lead to assumptions.

Yes, and your entire part of how the dev’s put in an unkillable npc and all that whining wasn’t needed either. Thing is, if you come here acting a certain way, you’re more likely to get a response in the same mannerism. Look in the mirror.