Our Man Dagan?

Hi, I’m a new EVE player who is currently doing The Blood-Stained Stars epic arc.
So I heard that there is a final boss in this epic arc at mission 51. I heard that I have to fight a battlecuriser, and I’m not sure if I can beat it.
Here’s my current fit (Catalyst):

8x Light Neutron Blaster I + Antimatter Charge S

1MN Afterburner I
Cap Booster I

Damage Control I
Magnetic Field Stabilizer I
Compact Small Armor Repairer

Rigs: Small Burst Aerator I

Is my fit good enough to fight the Dagan? What improvements do I have to make to my fit?

I really want to finish Sisters of EVE, so help would be highly appreciated :slight_smile:

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Team up with others. That’s what that mission is trying to encourage.


Not sure if you’ll be able to beat his tank. If you can’t ship up (bigger ship and bigger weapons), try asking for help in Local. You may get someone willing to fleet up with you to help.


In terms of that fit taking on Dagan alone: It will do it - basically you need to do more than 100dps to break his repair rate - that fit is going to be something above 150dps at about 1km. Check in the fitting window.

Teaming up with others to kill Dagan is a good approach. Ask in local, there are friendly people there. If you are struggling reach out in game to me - if I’m online I’ll come and help.

In terms of the fit there are some obvious upgrades:
Use Limited Light Neutron Blaster I rather than the very basic weapon you have - that’s good for another 10% damage, a bit more range and a bit less CPU to fit them (yes, they are 150k ISK each, compared to 60k ISK, but it’s worth it!) - The best non-T2 neutron blasters are the Modals, but they are 2m each and if you are new you may flinch at that. You’ll rapidly get to a point where that feels like a good investment though.
Skills really, really help. Each level trained on Small Hybrid Turret is another 5% of damage from any small hybrids you fit. Level IV is a sweet spot of time/benefit for a new player. Likewise, training Gallente Destroyer gives a tracking and range bonus to the weapons - that’s useful as it means you will hit more reliably and at a better range. The usual Gunnery Skills all add up in the mix as well: Rapid Fire, Surgical Strike, Gunnery - all have bonuses to damage or rate of fire that help appreciably. Check out the rest of the skills - range and tracking improvements are always nice.

Ultimately: give it a try - it may be a struggle, or may be easy for you - but you won’t know 'til you try it. And if it’s a struggle but you over come him - you’ll have the satisfaction of learning what you can really achieve in Eve.

Good luck.

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