Will this fit work for SoE Burning Down the Hive?

EVE University says the fight can be difficult and to kite at at least 15 km range. The fits I find online are quite old so I’ve been playing around in the fit simulation. Would this Algos fit work?

125mm Railgun I with Iron charge S x 5
Salvager I

Adaptive Invulnerability Shield Hardener II
Medium Shield Extender I
1MN Afterburner I

Co-Processor I
Drone Damage Amplifier I x 2

I have Small Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I x 1 and Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I x 2.

I have 4 Hobgoblins, 4 Warriors, and 2 Hammerheads.

If this will work could I roll with this for the Dagan fight too? I welcome any suggestions. Thanks.

You should double-check this mission. I think you can just burn straight to the first two gates, without engaging the drones at all. You only have a couple of NPCs to kill in the last room.

I run the Arc frequently for standing. You need to clear all rats to unlock the gates.

The second room is the most challenging because there are drones that web and scram - meaning you can’t leave if you get into trouble. The second room has 2 clusters of rats - try to focus on one at a time.

An Algos can easily complete the mission - I would train Gallente destroyer skill to level 4 first to get the hull bonuses for drones and tracking. I would also trade the 2 hammerheads for 4 more light drones so you can replace losses.

You will need a minimum of 100 dps to kill Dagan and may want to refit with blasters and antimatter to do as much damage as possible. Hammerheads will work better here since Dagan is flying a battlecruiser.

The mission most likely to cause you problems is Chasing Shadows since Kritsan Parthus has an energy neutralizer that will drain your capacitor. You can refit the Algos with projectile weapons (I generally use autocannons) that don’t require capacitor for this mission.


Those gates aren’t locked, man.

I just tested and you are correct. I was able to simply fly to the 3rd room without firing a shot! I was sure I had tried to crash the first gate some time in the past and found it locked …

That makes burning down the hive one of the easier missions in the arc.

Thanks for this advice! Really helpful to prepare for Dagan. I did the Burning Down the Hive and did okay, didn’t lose my ship. Didn’t see message about just burning through gates until after I had done it. Onward! Thanks again, mate!

Iron charges are longest-range but lowest damage, if I recall…perhaps carry a little variety for different ranges.

Algos, as a gallente ship, is usually armor-tanked, is it not?

I think if one is a new player one should do full clear of the mission rooms for experience rather than blitzing it as quickly as possible.

Biss, if you have trouble with Dagan, ask for assistance in local.

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